Credit Cards Offering Great Travel Insurance Benefits

Did you know that many credit cards come with travel insurance protection?

YES, it's true! If you're travelling this Thanksgiving Holiday, know your options for the best protection and security. Many travel rewards credit cards offer insurance protection for trips that you book using that card.

What are some of the travel insurance coverages that may come with travel rewards credit cards?

  • Trip cancellation/delay insurance – this may come in handy when you have to cancel or delay a trip and your credit card company will reimburse you for the cost of the non-refundable tickets that you purchased.
  • Lost luggage insurance – One of the most common problems that travelers encounter is losing their luggage in flight. Check your credit card membership to see if you’re covered under their lost luggage insurance, so that even if you can’t recover what was lost, you can at least have the finances to replace them.
  • Travel and emergency assistance – if you’re traveling out of the country, having a guide to assist you on your way and during emergencies is a god-send. Some credit card companies offer to help you find a doctor or hospital if needed and can even arrange from translation services should you need it.