Do I Need To Tell My Insurance Providers That I'm Going Away on Vacation?

Your suitcase is packed and you have never been more excited to go on vacation. There is, however, those few worrying thoughts lingering around in the back of your mind: will everything I'm leaving behind be safe while I'm gone? Will my home still be insured if I'm away? Do I really need travel insurance? Fortunately, we’ve got your summertime FAQs answered so you can relax on your well-earned vacation.

Your Home

While you're away, your home is going to be empty. With nobody around, potential issues can spring up and nobody will be there to notice. Remember last year’s floods in Toronto? Extreme weather is becoming more commonplace. Hot water tanks could break down and your air conditioning could malfunction causing water damage. An assortment of things could happen in your home and if left untreated until you return home, could do serious damage. Unfortunately, burglaries are also common when criminals know the house will be empty for an extended period of time.

If you are going away call you home insurer before leaving. While each insurance company differs, there’s a limit to how long your home can be unoccupied and still benefit from the protections of home insurance. The best way to prevent this from happening is to have a trusted friend, or neighbour, house sit or at least collect your mail and check up on your home. Your home insurer will let you know what’s needed to keep your policy in force.

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Your Car

Whether you are taking your car with you on vacation or leaving it at home, a quick call to your auto insurer is in order. If you’re driving to the U.S., your Canadian auto insurance will provide you with coverage while travelling, but depending on your liability limits you may want to discuss increasing your limit. Your auto insurer will also likely want to know: when you’re leaving and returning, where you’ll be going, who will primarily be driving, and whether or not someone not currently listed on the policy will be driving the vehicle. If you’re leaving your car at home, you’ll want to take precautions too. Are you going to lend your car to a trusted friend, or are you going to be storing it? Your auto insurer will be able to advise you on what you need to do to make sure you—and your car—are covered.

Travel Insurance

This is the big one. You should absolutely have travel insurance. A number of things can go wrong while on vacation. Depending on the plan you choose, travel insurance can cover minor things from lost luggage and trip cancellation to major events such as medical emergencies.

Even the Government of Canada says, "Your Canadian insurance is almost certainly not valid outside Canada", so don’t assume you’ll be covered if you should fall ill. If you end up needing medical care in another country, the cost of covering the medical bills could be financially devastating. Give yourself peace of mind and carefully shop for the right travel insurance for you.

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Have A Worry-Free Vacation

Regardless of the length and location of your vacation, it is ALWAYS wise to inform your insurance providers—home and auto—if you are going to be away, and reach out to a travel insurer to get travel insurance coverage. Insurance providers are there to help you get the best plan for your needs. Vacations should not be spent worrying. So before you kick back and relax, why not let find the best insurance rates for you?