Driving in the Winter Can be Costly: Things to Avoid

Winter driving can cause damage to your car – with all the snow, slush and salt damage as well as driving conditions that can increase the odds of getting into a car accident. You need to be extra careful while driving this winter season.

We can’t control the weather; however, there are certain things we can control. Here are a few winter driving habits that you should avoid, as they can be quite costly.

  • Leaving your running car unattended – an open invitation for thieves.
  • Driving with all-season tires instead of snow tires – winter tires are more effective during the bad weather.
  • Forgetting to clear the snow from your windows and roof – snow and ice can blow off your car, which can lead to an accident.
  • Keeping your car unlocked to avoid freezing – always lock your car to avoid any potential theft.
  • Leaving valuables in plain sight – thieves can easily break into your car and steal your valuables so it’s best to hide your valuables.

It’s important to take these precautionary measures to stay claim-free this winter season and avoid any potential insurance rate increases. For more information on these winter driving habits, click here to read our full article.

And if you think you’re overpaying for car insurance, it’s always a good idea to shop around for insurance to make you’re paying as low a rate as possible, based on your driving profile.

Safe driving this winter!