Five Ways to Lower Car Insurance Bills for the Holidays

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During the holidays, you likely have many other expenses to spend your hard-earned money on – and although insurance is a necessity, that doesn’t mean you should over-pay for it. Keep more money in your pocket for food, fun and gifts this holiday season. Here are five simple ways to save on your car insurance:

Shop Around for a Better Rate

Along with all of the shopping you will be getting done for the holidays, take the time to request a few car insurance quotes – it’s the fastest and easiest way to get a lower rate just in time for the holiday season. Get an online quote from the comfort of your home in just a few minutes – simply visit and complete three easy steps and your rate will be compared against over 30 insurance companies to provide you with the lowest available rate.

Whether you have a ticket/accident on your record or a clean driving record, you can still get a lower rate – as each car insurance company rates a policy differently. Anyone can save by taking the time to shop around – and you’ll have no obligation to accept the rate. So why not complete a quote?

Winterize your Car for Discounts

You may not be aware that taking some winter precautions for your car does a lot more than keep them safer on the road. It can also mean lower insurance rates. Car insurance companies offer discounts for things like the purchase of winter tires that provide you with better traction while driving. Contact your insurance company to find out the types of discounts offered for getting your car safe and ready for the winter weather

Review Potential Changes to the Rating of your Policy

Before the holidays is a great time to contact your insurance provider to review your policy and find out what might lower your premium. Things may have changed in your life since the last time you reviewed your car insurance information – and if your insurance company doesn’t know about it, you may be missing out on some savings! Questions to ask yourself include: have you started working from home, meaning you no longer commute and qualify for a better rate? Has a ticket or accident come off your record? Have you retired and no longer drive as frequently? These types of things can make a big difference and you may not realize it until you take the time to go over your current policy.

Rethink your Deductibles

Carrying a higher deductible on your comprehensive and collision coverage can make a big difference in your insurance rates. This means that you will take on the risk of having to pay a higher amount out of pocket if there is an accident where you are at fault or claim put through; however, if you go a few years without an accident or claim occurring, you can make up the difference. Talk to your insurance company about deductible options. By making the change now, you can put a little extra money in your pocket for the holiday season – and rest assured, you can always change the deductibles back later if you decide it’s not worth the risk.

Ask About New Discounts

Car insurance companies add new discounts periodically, but they may not automatically apply them to existing policies. If you see your car insurance company advertising a discount for which you should qualify, call them and ask for details. Or, simply call and ask for a current list of the available discounts and compare them against your current discounts. Ensuring that you are getting all of the discounts for which you qualify is one of the easiest ways to see a quick reduction in your insurance rates.

Holiday expenses can be hard to control, but if you take some time to look at the expenses you can control, such as your car insurance, you can find a little more room in the budget for those gifts and parties. These simple ways to get lower car insurance rates will give you a little more room in the budget this holiday season and for the rest of the year too. After all, low car insurance rates are the gift you can give to yourself that will last throughout the entire year.