Gas Saving Tips

A man pumping gas into his white car.

With gasoline prices sitting around $1.30 per litre, we must find ways to save money at the gas pumps. Here are a few tips:

Drive slower on the highway

Stay the speed limit (typically 100 kms/hr on most Canadian highways). Motorists who feel the need to pass traffic are also burning more gas. The Canadian Automobile Association and Natural Resources Canada stated that it takes 20 per cent more fuel to go the same distance at 120 kilometres an hour than it does at 100 km/h.

Use cruise control

When driving outside of heavy traffic on the highway, using cruise control may help lessen your gas consumption. Cruise control allows your car to maintain the speed and avoid pressing heavily on the gas frequently.

Avoiding idling

Warming up your vehicle on a cold day (or cooling off your vehicle on a warm day) will waste a lot of gas. If you're going to be stopped for more than 10 seconds (excluding being stuck in traffic), turn off the engine.

Keep tires properly inflated

First and foremost, properly inflating your car’s tires is required for safety. It will also help you save on gas - you may enhance your gas mileage by up to 3%. Check your tires regularly to ensure proper inflation.

Try all of these tips to save on gas! And if you're looking for savings on your insurance, get free car insurance quotes, compared against over 30 insurance companies.