Get Winter-Ready and Save on Car Insurance with Tips from

PRESS RELEASE: November 10, 2011 - Winter is fast approaching and reminds all drivers that preparing for winter is more than just a matter of safety. Making smart changes for the cold months ahead can also save a lot of money on car insurance rates. Winter tires, a safe place to park during winter storms and avoiding winter accidents with proper maintenance are all great ways to stay safe and keep rates down.

Winter brings dangerous driving conditions that can increase the odds of being involved in a collision that may have a negative impact on car insurance rates. "Proper preparation for winter weather and road conditions reduces the risk of an accident and may also earn you a better insurance rate," explains Tammy Ezer of "Investing some time and money before winter may save you in the long run."

Drivers can combat increases in premiums by preparing their cars for winter with these simple steps:

Winter Tires are a Smart Investment.

Although many drivers cringe at the cost of a good set of winter tires, there is no better investment to ensure safety on the road during the winter months. Some Insurance companies acknowledge the importance of riding on the right tires during the winter by offering insurance discounts to drivers who buy them.

Get the most out of the investment in winter tires by following a few simple tips:

  • Purchase all four tires even if the car is a two-wheel drive, as this will offer the best possible traction in all situations. Many insurance companies only offer the discount when four tires are purchased.
  • Check the tire pressure regularly to ensure it is at the right level. Not only will this ensure safety, but it will also save extra money of gas by increasing the fuel efficiency of the car.
  • Choose high-rated winter tires that fit the car properly – when it comes to winter tires function matters far more than style.

Private Parking Keeps Cars Safe.

Keeping a car parked in an indoor, private parking garage or on a private driveway rather than on the street is a great way to avoid collisions that may occur even when no one is behind the wheel. It makes a car less likely to be stolen and a garage also protects the vehicle from weather related damage. As a result, auto insurance providers may offer a discount for where the car is parked when not in use.

For those living in an apartment building, it is a great idea to look into paying for a parking spot inside the building’s garage if possible. Many places also rent parking spaces, so look for one nearby where the car is kept with easy access.

In addition, storing a vehicle that will not be driven during the winter months provides a big savings on your insurance. Many companies offer special coverage for motorcycles and cars that are kept off the road during the winter. Switching over to this type of policy may save a lot of money; however, keep in-mind that it generally does not include liability coverage and therefore means that it is against the law to drive the vehicle at any time, until liability coverage is added to the vehicle.

Avoiding Accidents Saves Money.

One of the most common reasons for higher car insurance is an accident – and in the winter accidents are more likely to happen. Proper preparation for winter can make certain that mechanical troubles will not contribute to an expensive accident. Take the time to winterize by:

  • Changing out all necessary fluids and adding the proper antifreeze.
  • Checking braking systems and repairing as needed.
  • Making sure tire tread is in good condition.
  • Ensuring all routine maintenance is up to date.

Insurance companies also offer discounts for safety features on the vehicle that can help to prevent accidents in winter road conditions. Make certain that the insurance company is aware of all safety features on the vehicle especially those that might be added after purchase, such as a reverse camera.

Additionally, it is always a good idea to keep a winter safety kit in the car including emergency flares, flashlights, warm blankets and clothing, matches and an emergency cell phone battery charger. Safety on the road during winter months helps prevent claims and fewer claims mean lower insurance rates for everyone.

Comparing car insurance quotes is also key to ensuring drivers are making the right decision and saving money on insurance policies.