Father Knows Best: How to Save $427 on Your Car Insurance

Show Dad how much you’ve learned from him this Father's Day, June 16th. Impress him with the savings you can get on your car insurance at InsuranceHotline.com where you can save up to $427 just by shopping around.

Dads everywhere know that one of the paths to financial success is to ensure you don’t overpay for anything; that you should try to always find the best deal. Car insurance is no different.

Car insurance premiums can make up for a significant portion of your regular monthly expenses and too often, after choosing a car insurance provider, drivers "set it and forget it". But car insurance isn’t a rotisserie that can be left unattended; it needs to be checked in on, regularly, to make sure you’re not overpaying for your coverage.

In addition to comparing rates at key times to ensure your insurer is still giving you the best rate (on renewal, if you move, or buy a new car for example), you can keep your rates low with the following tips:

Drive carefully

Your driving record has a direct impact on the rate you pay. At-fault accidents and tickets can quickly add up and end up costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, over the years it takes for them to fall off your record.

Consider a usage-based insurance program (also sometimes called telematics)

A usage-based insurance program monitors your driving habits, usually speed, braking, acceleration, and the time of day when you’re typically behind the wheel. Drivers who join a UBI program are typically eligible for discounts of up to 25 percent.

Pay your premium annually, instead of monthly

Many companies charge a little extra to cover the cost of administering monthly payments. If you can afford to pay your premium annually—in one lump sum—then you’ll likely pay less for your coverage.

Increase your deductibles

Save five to 10 percent on your auto insurance premiums by raising your deductibles. A deductible is the portion of an insurance claim you pay so the higher your deductible, the lower your car insurance premium. Increase your deductibles with care though, because this is the amount you’ll have to fork over if you need to submit a claim.

Bundle your policies

If you purchase your property insurance (whether it’s for a home, condo, or contents coverage) from your auto insurance provider then you’ll likely qualify for a discount in the range of five to 15 percent off of one, or even both of your policies.

Ask for a list of discounts

Ask your insurance provider for a list of discounts. There may be ways to save money that you didn’t know existed, and that your insurer didn’t know to offer you. Asking for a list of discounts will start a chat that could result in you saving money.

Compare car insurance quotes

Father’s Day is the perfect time to show Dad all that you’ve learned from him about saving money. Compare your rate against over 30 car insurance companies to see if you can find a lower insurance rate today.

Plus, make sure you get Dad to compare quotes too; after all some insurance companies offer mature drivers a discount of five to 10 per cent. Now, wouldn’t that be a great Father’s Day gift?