Offers 5 Tips to Help a Car Accident Claim Go Smoothly

PRESS RELEASE: August 23, 2012 - A car accident is often frightening and confusing, and even after the initial shock of the event, there is still the claim to deal with. helps to make the process easier and smoother with a few tips for drivers to deal with car insurance claims.

After a car accident, when the focus on injuries and damage has passed, the claims process can still take a while and be stressful for everyone involved. Especially for those going through a claim for the first time, or facing a much larger claim than ever before, it can be confusing. Smooth sailing through the claims process is certainly possible, and following a few important tips can make it a lot more likely.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Provide the insurance claims adjuster with as many details about the incident as possible. Many drivers are tempted to leave out details that could point to their being found at fault in the accident, such as speeding or being distracted by something. They also don’t want to admit to doing something illegal. "It’s up to the police to deal with traffic infractions, not the insurance company," says’s Tammy Ezer, "so tell them the truth about what happened in order to see the claim go smoothly."

Get the Information at the Scene

Be sure to write down all the information from the other driver and any other important details at the scene. Providing information such as street intersections along with the other driver’s name, insurance information and even the license plate number will help the claims adjuster to process things more quickly and accurately. If possible, take photographs of the scene as well to help adjusters determine what happened.

Report it Right Away

The sooner the claim is reported to the insurance company, the sooner they can get started on processing it. It also means that those who are involved can be interviewed while all of the details are fresh, allowing the insurance company to determine fault more readily and easily. Car insurance companies also have rules about how long it’s ok to wait before reporting. As soon as possible is always the right choice.

Cooperate in Full

Being available to answer the adjuster’s questions and providing any requested information in a timely manner will mean a smoother, faster claim. Cooperate with any requests in order to expedite the claims process, get repairs done quickly, and get back on the road again faster. Remember that claims adjusters can only move things forward when they have the full cooperation over everyone involved.

Don’t Get Caught in Fraud

It may seem obvious, but attempts to inflate claims are common and can really slow down the process as well as resulting in insurance fraud charges. Stick to the facts of what damage and injuries occurred as a result of the accident, and the claim will be smooth. Insurance companies are on the lookout for inflated claims, and despite popular belief they do constitute fraud just as much as a false claim. Keep car insurance rates low and claims moving along smoothly by avoiding this pitfall.