Halloween Safety Tips on the Road and at Home

Tricks and treats are on everyone’s mind this time of year; with Halloween fast approaching it’s important to remember that kids on the street mean drivers need to be extra cautious. It’s also important to set up a safe Halloween home for visitors. Here are some important tips that will make certain everyone has a great time and enjoys a safe holiday.

Slow Down and Watch for Children

The biggest danger when driving on Halloween is children on the streets. In their excitement kids can easily forget simple rules such as remembering to look both ways and may dart out across streets unexpectedly.

Drive slowly on Halloween, especially in residential areas where children are out trick-or-treating. As the sun sets it becomes even more vital to keep an eye out and watch carefully for kids who may be easy to miss. Children may be wearing costumes that are difficult to see in the dark. Parents with children heading out trick-or-treating should use glow sticks, flashlights and reflective tape to ensure their children are visible, even though watching for pedestrians is always the responsibility of the driver, because the consequences can be very serious. Extra caution will avoid tickets and accidents that could cause injuries or worse and also avoid the resulting increase in auto insurance rates.

Impaired Driving has Serious Consequences

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about the children; adults can get in on the fun as well. Anyone attending an adult Halloween party where alcohol will be served should plan ahead to get home safely. Drivers who are caught with a blood alcohol level over the legal limit will face serious consequences that can include:

• Loss of driving privileges

• Impounding of your car

• Fines

• Jail time

• Increases in your insurance rates

And of course there are much worse potential consequences to getting behind the wheel impaired. Another person could be seriously or even fatally injured – and on Halloween that person is even more likely to be a child. Always designate a driver before the party, or call a cab to get home safely.

A Safe Halloween Home

Create a safe place for trick-or-treaters to visit this year and avoid a potential insurance claim as well. Watch out for some of these common Halloween hazards in your decorations:

• Keep driveways and sidewalks clear of extension cords and other tripping hazards.

• If using a fog machine ensure it does not block visibility for those approaching the house.

• Turn on a few extra lights so that people approaching the house will be able to see where they are going. This will also discourage Halloween vandals.

• Replace traditional candles with the flameless or electronic varieties that reduce the risk of a fire.

• Check to make certain all wiring in your decorations is in good condition to avoid a potential fire.

If someone is injured as a result of negligence, or if property damage occurs the resulting insurance claim will likely mean an increase in home insurance rates. Inspect Halloween decorations carefully with an eye for potential dangers!

Careful driving and safe Halloween decorations are small steps to make certain everyone has a safe Halloween and an expensive insurance claim is avoided. A little extra vigilance goes a long way towards ensuring a fun day for everyone!