Offers Tips for Drivers Going Through the Claims Process

PRESS RELEASE: November 30, 2011 - When submitting a claim to an auto insurance company, one of the most important people in the process is the insurance adjuster. This is the person who handles most of the major aspects of the claims process, from examining the damage on a vehicle to determining fault. provides an inside look at the role of the insurance adjuster – who they are and what they do.

After filing a claim with an insurance company, the claims department will assign the claim to an adjuster. Expect to hear from an adjuster shortly after filing a claim, as this person will be the main contact at the insurance company throughout the process. Getting to know the insurance adjuster’s role and what you should expect from the adjuster helps make the claims process go smoothly.

The Role of an Adjuster

The adjuster’s job is to determine whether the person making a claim is owed payment under the insurance policy. The adjuster will:

  • Take a statement from the claimant and any witnesses regarding the accident
  • Examine the damage to the car
  • Determine the current value of the car
  • Review all statements and police reports regarding the accident
  • Determine fault
  • Review injury claims
  • Determine what benefits apply, if any
  • Deal with the other party’s insurance company, if applicable

These are just a few of the tasks the insurance adjuster must handle in order to ensure a properly and fairly processed claim.

Your Interaction With the Adjuster

When a claim is being processed, expect to hear from the adjuster regularly. The adjuster’s contact phone number will be provided, should any questions or concerns arise – or simply to find out the status of a claim.

Your insurance adjuster should:

  • Provide update on the claim status
  • Address concerns regarding the claim
  • Represent the driver’s interests to the other insurance company if not at fault
  • Assist with all needs as covered in the policy, such as a rental car
  • Work towards a fair settlement and listen if any disagreement comes up with determinations, including fault and value of the car

A good claims department should be one of the major factors in choosing an insurance company. When shopping around to compare car insurance rates, take a look at each company’s customer satisfaction ratings for claims processing. Good insurance adjusters are fair, work quickly and ensure everyone is satisfied. If an insurance company has good adjusters, it will show in customer satisfaction ratings – an important consideration when shopping for car insurance.

Don’t hesitate to question or voice concerns about a claim and if the adjuster is being unfair, ask to speak to someone in a senior position to address any concerns.