Provides Tips on When to Purchase Life Insurance

PRESS RELEASE: March 21, 2012 - debunks the common myth that life insurance is only necessary for those with kids. There are many reasons that life insurance is a good option, such as protection of property and alleviating significant financial pressure from loved ones. It’s never too early or late to consider life insurance given the many coverage options available.

Life insurance isn’t necessarily top of mind for most people. More often than not, it is only after life changing events such as marriage or having a child that life insurance is purchased; however, there are many reasons why it is wise to start preparing now for the unforeseen. uncovers the truth behind why and when life insurance is a smart choice.

Buying Young

"We asked how people felt about it in our life insurance video" says Tammy Ezer of, "and it looks like people without kids do not think about life insurance." Life insurance is a special case in which starting early may be beneficial. Whereas young drivers tend to receive high premiums for car insurance, it is the opposite for life insurance. Starting a life policy at a younger age generally means lower premiums as a result of less immediate risk.

Family and after retirement

Starting a family comes with extra financial responsibilities. An existing policy holder may consider increasing the coverage to ensure adequate protection for loved ones. It is never too late to look into purchasing life insurance. After retirement, there may be fewer financial commitments, but there are still final costs involved. Without an active income, it may be difficult to set aside money to prepare for that.

Why life insurance?

In the unfortunate circumstance that something happens, the policy can help cover final expenses and any debts outstanding. Though there may not be direct dependents in the picture, it will certainly lessen the financial pressure for other family members. In the event that the policyholder is the primary source of income responsible for paying down a mortgage, the coverage can be used towards this expense, ensuring that those living there are not forced to move.

Many coverage options

Purchasing life insurance is similar to other types of insurance. It’s important to do research and determine the appropriate coverage. Term life insurance is an affordable solution that allows you to choose the amount you require, with the option of extending the benefits through additional payments. As mentioned before, add-ons can also include protection for the property. The best way to begin the process is by completing a quick online life insurance quote.