Keep Your Summer Ticket-Free and Your Insurance Rates Low

As the days warm up and summer beckons us out on the road for Sunday drives, vacation travels and day trips to the beach, it can be easy to get caught up in enjoying the weather and be less aware of the rules of the road. During the summer months, law enforcement officials are on the lookout for drivers who aren’t obeying the law. A ticket and an increase in insurance rates could be the result. Drive safe this summer, and avoid a costly mistake.

Keep an Eye on Your Speed

Heading out on the highway on a summer day to enjoy time away from daily life is refreshing, but don’t be in too much of a rush to reach your destination. After the slick, icy roads during the winter months, driving more quickly is a temptation, but excess speed is still very dangerous. Remember that the speed limit is set as the highest speed at which you can travel safely in ideal road conditions. During the winter you should often be travelling below that limit, and in the summer you should not exceed it.

Speeding tickets are the most common type of traffic violation, and will result in an increase in your insurance rates. Depending on how far above the limit you were travelling, this type of violation can be a minor one or a major one; either way you could expect higher insurance rates for three years until the ticket falls off your insurance record.

Obey Road Signs and Signals

Next to speeding, running through red lights and stop signs are among the most common tickets law enforcement will hand out in the summer months. Since the roads are dry, stopping is easier and you should be able to easily come to a halt when you see a light change ahead. Come to a complete stop at stop signs, and obey all other signs on the road carefully.

Remember that during summer months there is often a lot of construction going on, so be on the lookout for signs indicating reduced speed limits, lane closures and any other construction related signs. Remember that tickets given in construction zones carry higher fines than other traffic violations. These violations may also hit your car insurance rates for three years, meaning a double hit to your wallet. Not only that, but the safety of construction workers depends on drivers slowing down and being extra cautious in construction zones.

Drive Cautiously, Not Recklessly

There’s something about summer sunshine that makes us all feel a little more carefree, but don’t let that extend to your driving habits. Just because maneuvering on the road is easier during the dry, warm days of summer doesn’t mean you can drive less cautiously.

Don’t follow too closely behind other vehicles – you could a ticket for it and it’s a quick way to find yourself involved in an at-fault accident as well; either one will increase your insurance rates. Change lanes cautiously, and don’t weave in and out of traffic. A ticket for careless driving can have a big impact on your car insurance rates, and depending on the severity of the situation, could also mean legal problems for you as well.

Remember that although school will be out for summer and school zone speed limits not in effect in many areas, you still need to use caution in any area where kids are playing. Law enforcement officials are unlikely to take it lightly if you are caught speeding or driving recklessly near a playground or any area where children congregate in summer months.

Safe Summer Driving, Low Insurance Rates

Driving safely in the summer months helps to prevent the many serious accidents that occur each year, resulting in injuries and fatalities as well as property damage. Protect yourself and everyone else on the road by following all of the rules of the road every time you head out, whether for the day or for a long road trip.

Remember that a ticket can have an impact on your insurance rates, but the behaviours that lead to getting a ticket are also the same ones that lead to accidents. Slow down, watch for construction zones and children, and always be certain you are driving safely and legally. A ticket-free summer means that your summer fun will be memorable for the great time you enjoyed and not for the high cost of a mistake on the road.