Letter from The Editor: February 2014

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Hello and welcome to the February edition of the insurancehotline.com blog! This month is all about saving you money on your insurance. There is a lot of talk in Ontario about the province mandating auto insurance rate decreases and with the latest announcement that rates have decreased on average 4.66% since August 2013, many drivers are optimistic. However, not everyone will see a decrease. There is also lots of indication that home insurance rates will be on the rise as a result of the damaging weather we saw across the country in 2013. So what can you do about your insurance rate? Stay tuned, because this month we are giving you information and tips to help you keep your insurance costs down.

Here's what you can expect from Insurancehotline.com this month.

Look for articles on things like:

  • What are the least expensive cars to insure?
  • Should I make that home insurance claim or not?
  • Adding a young driver to your policy – How to lower that cost
  • Should I buy life insurance? If so, when?
  • Will I save by putting all of my policies with one company?

We hope you find this month's blog useful (who doesn't want to save on insurance?), but if there is something you'd like to know, tell us! Post an message on the InsuranceHotline.com Facebook page or send us a tweet (don't forget to like and follow us!). The feedback we receive from you is great, so thank you and keep it coming!