Road Tripping the Vineyards and Parks of St Catharines

Are you looking for auto insurance in St Catharines? Considering a move here? St. Catharines is a beautiful city. With rowing, a beachfront, and plenty of other outdoor activities, it's an ideal location for tourists to stop off and enjoy the city’s various attractions. If you're new to the area, the city has plenty of shops, open markets and quaint stores.

With 45 percent of St. Catharines drivers commuting five km daily, there is a lot to explore in this picturesque area if you are up for a weekend tour or you want to visit a vineyard.

Touring St. Catherines

St. Catharines has a host of outdoor areas to enjoy. Shauna Park is a picturesque neighbourhood park where locals and tourists of all ages can find hiking trails and walking paths. It includes a small soccer field and a basketball court. There's playground equipment so your little ones can enjoy themselves. And, there's a walking loop if you want to stretch your legs. If you drive to Shauna Park, don't forget to bring your picnic lunch. Other parks in the area include Rennie Park, Roehampton Park and Second Woods Park.

Additional places to visit include Port Dalhousie, which is waterfront on the pier marina. The area has community patio and barbecue setups. With area restaurants and a boardwalk to enjoy, there are panoramic views of Toronto to the north so don't forget your camera.

Other places to visit include the Niagara Escarpment and the Waterfront Trail. There's also the historic Welland Canals Corridor. And, an additional way to enjoy St. Catharines is taking a tour of the vineyards. Locals and tourists alike can enjoy sampling Niagara wines in the Twenty Valley wine region.

The Twenty Valley Wine Region

A wonderful day trip is visiting Niagara's Twenty Valley. As the largest wine region in Ontario, the wine region is home to over fifty different vineyards. Tourists and locals can sign up for different types of tours.

With morning and afternoon tours, visitors and locals can sip their way through the vineyards:

• Look for the Good Morning Rise and Wine Tour that includes a stop at a local fruit market.

• The Simply Serendipity Tour lets you enjoy wineries and a leisure picnic lunch for the perfect pairings.

• Taste Niagara includes a tour of different wineries and a brewery followed by lunch at a restaurant.

After the tours, cyclists can explore the beautiful Twenty Valley area:

• Stop for a light bite to eat at De la Terre Café + Bakery or grab some tasty barbecue at Smoke & Moonshine.

• Do a little window shopping at the Hand Made Market, Tintern Road or The Heritage Gift Shop.

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St. Catherines is a beautiful area to explore. And, it provides a great reason to hop in the car and take a road trip. With so many vineyards and outdoor markets, enjoy a relaxing day or long weekend here. And, if you're moving to St. Catharines and need insurance, Insurance Hotline is dedicated to keeping drivers safe. Access car insurance quotes in Ontario here. Or, find car insurance quotes in St. Catharines here.