Safety Tips to Keep the Cheer in the Holidays

Nothing puts an end to the holiday cheer faster than an accident that causes damage or injuries. Taking a few simple steps to ensure everyone is safer during the holidays can help make sure it’s a happy holiday season for all. These tips from will help keep the cheer in everyone’s holidays.

The holidays are a time for gatherings, parties, and fun, but sometimes that fun can come with danger attached. Ensuring safety during the holidays is a task everyone can help with. From the home to the streets, keeping the holidays happy is easier with these tips kept in mind.

Safe Homes for Holiday Guests

Hosting a holiday party is more than a lot of work; it’s also a lot of responsibility. Party hosts have a duty to make certain those who visit their home do so safely, and that they also leave safely. To make a home safer for guests, start outside. Clear sidewalks and driveways of snow, and put down sand in slippery areas to prevent visitors from falling. Keep cords from holiday light displays tucked out of the way so no one can trip. A well lit driveway and entrance are the best way to make the approach to any home safer.

Inside the home, be sure to use caution with candles. While they can add to the holiday ambience, they are also a fire hazard. Keep them out of reach of children and away from places where pets or crowds of people might knock them over. Use caution with that cheery winter blaze in the fireplace as well. Make certain doors or mesh curtains are kept closed. Any flame, whether from a candle or a fire, should not be left unattended. Enjoy the time with friends an family; not filing a home insurance claim.

Safe Driving During the Holidays

Holiday parties are known for good food and good drinks, and sometimes there can be a little too much of both. Drinking and driving is an increased danger during the holiday season. Be sure to have a plan for getting home safely when planning to drink at a party. Designated drivers can save lives, so appoint one ahead of time.

Drinking and driving puts lives at risk and also comes with many other costs, such as increased car insurance quotes and rates. As a party host it’s important to know that responsibility can fall on anyone who allows an intoxicated person to leave their home and get behind the wheel; invite guests to spend the night if possible, or call a cab when necessary. Many cities also have programs offering free rides during the holidays. Have the phone numbers handy for guests.

"Party hosts and guests both have a responsibility to see that everyone leaves safely," reminds Tammy Ezer of, "Don’t let anyone get behind the wheel after drinking."

An accident, whether at home or on the road, can take the cheer out of the holidays. Taking measures to prevent that from happening is part of planning for a happy holiday season. Plan for and enjoy holiday parties responsibly, and everyone will be able to enjoy safer celebrations.