The Most Common Traffic Tickets in Canada

Police in Canada give out a lot of traffic tickets every day, and among them the same violations appear frequently. These common traffic tickets are the reason for the majority of traffic stops and also a common reason why Canadians see increases on their car insurance. Unfortunately, these driving habits that earn drivers a traffic ticket are the same habits that frequently cause car accidents; just another reason to be more careful and aware of your actions on the road.


This is easily the most common traffic ticket in Canada, and in most cases it is considered a minor offence. Speeding is a bad habit many of us have due to our busy lives and rush to get from place to place on time. Unfortunately, speed is often a factor in collisions, and the faster you are moving when you strike another vehicle, the more serious the collision.

A speeding ticket will cost you a fine, which varies depending on the province and how far over the speed limit you were going when you were caught. It may also cost you on your car insurance. Insurance companies can charge you for this all-too-common ticket for three years from the date that you are convicted NOT the date that you received the ticket, and if you get another speeding ticket during that time, you may find that your rates increase even more.

Going too fast on the road is one of the most common bad habits of Canadian drivers, and it is a costly habit.

Failure to Stop at a Stop Sign

Most drivers are guilty of rolling through a stop sign at some point in their driving career. It’s no wonder this violation is one of the most common tickets Canadian police give out. When there’s no one else at the intersection, it can be tempting to just roll through. Unfortunately, it could mean a ticket if a law enforcement officer is present. Worse, if you missed something, such as a pedestrian crossing the street, this violation could become a tragedy.

Like a speeding ticket, this ticket can affect your insurance rates for three years.

Failure to Wear a Seatbelt

Across Canada, it is required by law that you wear your seatbelt whenever you are in your vehicle. In fact, everyone in the vehicle must be wearing a seatbelt, and the driver can be held responsible for passengers under the age of 16. Although seatbelt use has increased in Canada since the laws were put in place, it remains one of the most common traffic tickets.

Seatbelt use has been proven to save lives in crashes; choosing not to wear one puts you in danger. It can also put the others in the car in danger as well. Whether or not this ticket counts against your insurance rates depends on your province and the insurance company, but it is a large fine in every province.

Improper Turns

Another common traffic ticket given out to Canadian drivers is for a variety of possible improper turns. These can include turning when it is prohibited and turning from the wrong lane. Because this type of behaviour makes it difficult for other drivers to anticipate your next move, it can be a very dangerous habit.

In addition to a fine for making an improper turn, you may see an increase in your insurance rates stemming from this ticket.

Running Red Lights

Drivers are always trying to beat the light and get to where they are going faster. Unfortunately, running a red light can cause an accident, and can also result in a traffic ticket that may be expensive both in fines and on your insurance. The installation of red light cameras has made it more likely that drivers will be caught when the run red lights, meaning this traffic ticket has become among the most common in Canada.

Running a red light is the cause of many accidents, as well as of pedestrians being struck by vehicles. It can cost you for three years on your insurance if a ticket is the only result, but it’s a dangerous behaviour that is best stopped.

Careless Driving

While this has been mentioned by Pointts, the traffic ticket specialists, as one of the most common traffic tickets, careless driving is also one of the tickets most often successfully fought and removed from the driver’s record in court. This is likely because the definition of careless driving is less concrete and it relies on an officer’s judgment.

While it may be easier to fight this ticket and win, that doesn’t make it any less a dangerous driving habit.

These common traffic tickets can cost you on your auto insurance, depending on your insurance company’s rules, and they also carry a cost in fines as well as in the potential for injuries and fatalities. These tickets are all too common; avoiding them can keep the roads safer and your insurance rates lower.