The Things We Do to Save Money survey highlights the day-to-day ways Canadians save money.

Saving money is no easy feat. Even so, a recent survey on the saving habits of Canadians found that virtually everyone (98.3 per cent) regularly tries to minimize what they spend by taking advantage of sales, shopping at discount retailers, or by refraining from buying food and beverages while out.

  • 39.5 per cent stock up on household items when on sale
  • 38.5 per cent limit how often they eat out
  • 35.9 per cent price match groceries
  • 35.1 per cent wait for deals on clothing and shoes
  • 32.2 per cent brew their own coffee or tea
  • 15.6 per cent buy gas from discount stations

Most Canadians, 60.1 per cent, say they do one of these money-saving deeds, while 20.0 per cent do two or three. The rest (18.2 per cent) are super savers and apply more than half of these money-saving ways to their regular routine!

Save money the easy way

No one can discount the discounts that each of these money-saving practices achieves. After all, it’s estimated that price matching your groceries saves you approximately 10 per cent, brewing your own coffee or tea at work will save you about $440 a year, and bringing your lunch to work an extra day a week will save you in the neighbourhood of $8 to $15, depending on where you usually go.

All of these savings add up with minimal effort and if you’re tapped for additional ideas, look at what you’re currently spending on auto insurance. Your premiums could be lower, but only if you shop around. Yet, too often drivers allow their policy to automatically renew even though it takes just a few minutes online to compare quotes for a better price.

"We’ll drive out of our way for the best deals on fuel, clothing and household items," says’s Anne Marie Thomas. "But when it comes to auto insurance, we take our renewal premium at face value. For some reason, it’s assumed that the price they have is still the best one available, and for many drivers this is a costly mistake."

It’s a mistake that can hit your wallet hard, especially in today’s auto insurance marketplace where many drivers are seeing their rates increase, whether they’re in Alberta, Ontario or Atlantic Canada. The fact is, auto insurance rates are increasing all over the country.

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