Tips for Getting the Most from an Auto Insurance Policy

PRESS RELEASE: September 26, 2012 - Auto insurance is something every driver has to carry by law; and to truly be protected most drivers should carry more than simply the legal minimum. Shopping for car insurance quotes can be confusing, but has some basic tips to help drivers get the most coverage for their money when choosing a policy.

Every driver wants to get the best coverage they can for the premiums they pay. But with all of the various coverage options, discounts, and individual needs of drivers and cars, it can be hard to figure out what that means. Getting the most from an auto policy means a lot more than simply finding the best rate. These easy tips from make getting the most straightforward and clear.

The Right Coverage Options

Getting the most from an auto insurance policy means selecting the coverage options that are most needed. A few dollars spent on extra coverage can greatly increase the value of the policy. The best way to ensure a policy has the best coverage for the dollar is to take the time to understand which options are needed – and how they help drivers get the most from their policy.

Third party liability, accident benefits, and comprehensive and collision coverage form the basis of most auto insurance policies. But drivers can get more out of a policy for not a whole lot more in premiums by adding the right options.

Beyond the Basics

Car insurance companies offer a wide variety of options for extra coverage. The key is to select the right ones. Someone who travels frequently and drives rental cars while travelling will do well to consider adding rental car coverage to their car insurance policy. The small fee to have this coverage on the policy could mean a great deal of savings in the very high daily charges rental car companies bill for their own coverage on the car.

For those without any other form of roadside assistance, adding it to a car insurance policy means getting a lot more from that policy. Roadside assistance is generally more common than an accident; which means that the policy is more likely to be useful, and that small extra fee for the coverage is well worth it. Check with your insurance professional for the rates and details.

Getting Specific

The best possible tip for anyone looking for auto insurance quotes is to be specific about their needs. Some coverage options are only valuable in certain circumstances. Waiver of depreciation is a coverage that applies only to new cars. It can really increase the value of the insurance policy in that particular situation because in the event of a total write-off of the vehicle during the first two years, the insurance company will pay out the value of the car new, rather than the depreciated value.

This can mean a difference of thousands of dollars in the event of a claim; money that will wind up back in the driver’s pocket. The associated premium increase is small in comparison. "Paying a small extra fee on your premiums can buy you a really big payout when the time comes that you need to file a claim," explains Tammy Ezer of, "Adding these options really gets a driver more out of their policy.

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