Tips to Avoid Car Insurance Rate Increases

PRESS RELEASE: May 29, 2012 - There are many factors that contribute to increased car insurance premiums and while it may seem that increases are out of people’s control, there are ways to avoid increases. offers drivers tips to avoid increases in car insurance rates.

The cost of car insurance is a major expense for most people, and rising rates often seem unavoidable. But an increase in car insurance premiums is not always something that can’t be avoided. Often, simple errors lead to over-paying for insurance. provides tips to avoid car insurance rate increases.

  1. Traffic Violations. Tickets are one of the most common reasons that car insurance rates go up. Many different traffic violations can be responsible for an increase. Speeding, running right lights, and careless driving are all violations that result in insurance rates that are higher. It takes three years for a ticket to be removed from a driving record. Try to avoid receiving a traffic violation to avoid an insurance rate increase.
  2. Failure to Shop for Rates before Buying a New Car. People often find themselves shocked by the cost of insurance on their new car, but there’s a way to avoid that. Every car comes with a different insurance rating, and some are more pricey than others to insure. When considering options, get car insurance quotes on each possibility before making a buying decision. Otherwise, it could be a mistake that may result in an insurance increase.
  3. Failure to Shop Around at Regular Intervals. Shopping around for car insurance should be done on a regular basis; even yearly. Many people avoid it but this is one expensive mistake. People who take the time to shop around almost always pay less; and with internet quoting sites like, it’s easier than ever.
  4. Not Reviewing Insurance Policy at Renewal. Things change, and insurance companies don’t always catch them. There may be a missing discount or a ticket that should come off a driving record. Failure to review the policy at renewal could result in overpaying for insurance.
  5. Failing to Take Advantage of Multi-Policy Discounts. What do home, life, and auto insurance policies have to do with each other? Well, by insuring home, life and auto with the same company, it could be quite a lot – of savings that is. Most insurance companies offer a multi-policy discount.
  6. Not Being Prepared for a New Driver. Inexperienced drivers are expensive to insure; there’s no way around that. But there are ways to reduce the costs, and being prepared ahead of time can mean savings. Make sure to be aware of any discounts available such as Good Student or Driver Education. Also, be certain to check on insurance rates for different cars; some are cheaper to insure that others. The cost of not being ready for that new driver may mean higher rates.
  7. Keeping Secrets from the Insurance Company. It might save money in the short-term to keep quiet about things like a new driver or not mention a ticket when shopping for insurance quotes. But in the long run, it could cost even more – as the insurance company could back-charge for the new driver.

Keep rates as affordable as possible by being careful to avoid these pricey errors. Remember that the very best way to keep insurance premiums low is to be a safe driver and shopping around for the lowest available car insurance rate is always a good idea.