Tips to Help Young, Single Drivers Save on Car Insurance

Young, single drivers face some of the highest auto insurance rates due to inexperience and the statistical likelihood of a crash being higher. Fortunately, there are some ways that these drivers can reduce their insurance rates and save some money. offers the best tips for better rates.

Because drivers who are young and single have higher rates of accidents than more mature and experienced drivers, insurance companies charge these drivers higher rates. There are a number of ways to mediate that expense, however, and these tips will help drivers to get all of the available discounts and reduce insurance premiums as much as possible.

Young Drivers Get Discounts, Too

There are some discounts that young drivers can qualify for that can make a big difference in insurance rates. One of the top options for those who are students is the good student discount. This applies to both high school and university students in many cases and can be a large discount. Students will be required to present proof of the required average grade in order to qualify and must re-qualify each year.

There are also discounts available for attending driving school and taking programs to improve driving skills and reduce the chance of mistakes on the road due to inexperience. These vary by insurance company, and may range from watching a safety video to behind the wheel instruction.

The Best Car for the Best Rates

While young drivers may find themselves attracted to fast sports cars or fun SUVs, when it comes to insurance rates they may not be the best choice. Sports cars and SUVs already carry higher insurance rates and add that to the rates for a young driver and you’ll see some hefty premiums.

Cars that carry a strong safety rating as well as a lower incidence of theft are the best bet for a young single driver. A used car may carry a lower value and thus may also come with a lower premium than the same car brand new. Smart shopping when choosing a car is the best way to ensure low rates.

Shop Around for Better Rates

Insurance companies differ as to how they rate for young single drivers. That means that taking the time to shop around for car insurance quotes can save a lot of money. Some insurance companies gear their policies and rating habits towards keeping rates lower for younger drivers, while others have the best rates for more experienced ones. The best way to find the lowest rate is to take the time to shop around.

Look for insurance companies offering more discounts for young drivers, and be sure that policies being compared offer the same level of coverage. Sometimes a rate can appear lower because the policy offers less coverage.