Tips to Ride Safe and Save Big on Motorcycle Insurance

PRESS RELEASE: March 13, 2012 - With spring around the corner and the motorcycle riding season soon to begin, provides important tips for staying safe on the road and for getting the best rates on motorcycle insurance. Before pulling that bike out of storage for the warmer months ahead, drivers should take a minute to go over safety tip and make sure insurance is in place and ready to go.

As the weather warms motorcycle enthusiasts are getting ready to hit the roads again; now is a good time for riders to give some thought to motorcycle insurance coverage as well as all of their needs for safe riding. Before heading out for the first ride of the season, be prepared with a few timely safety reminders from and a look at your coverage.

Rusty Riders Need More Caution

A great deal of time can pass in between chances to ride a motorcycle – between winter and summer seasons. This can lead to riders being a little rusty when it’s time to take the bike out again in the spring. While refreshing those riding skills, it is vital that every motorcyclist use extra caution. When heading out for the first time, it is important to:

  • Ride slowly and allow extra stopping time
  • Take corners carefully
  • Watch for road hazards left by any remaining snowmelt such as water or even slush on the road
  • Avoid high speed, lengthy trips when first heading out for the season

It’s also important to check over all safety gear before heading out. Make certain that helmets are in good condition and other gear still fits properly and has no damage. Helmets, jackets, pants and boots all provide a layer of protection on a motorcycle where the rider is in the open and at risk, so ensure they are in good working order.

Check on Insurance Rates and Coverage

While it is not recommended that riders cancel their motorcycle insurance policy over the winter months, many choose to do so. This means that when the riding season comes around again, these riders will have to choose between starting up a policy with their current company or shopping around. Even those riders who keep their policy in force over the winter may still want to consider shopping around for insurance when it’s time to start riding again. Rates change from year to year, so getting the best deal means riders should shop around for motorcycle insurance and obtain new quotes every time they pull that bike out of winter storage.

It is also important that all riders make certain that the coverage on their policy provides everything they need. Take the time to review coverage options and find out what might have changed since last riding in the fall.

Saving on motorcycle insurance is most easily accomplished by shopping around, but remember that there are other ways as well. Consider:

  • Comparing different deductible options
  • Asking about all available discounts
  • Joining motorcycle insurance together with other policies at one company

Of course, a safe riding record is the best way to ensure low motorcycle insurance rates. Safe riders save more money, and the longer they maintain their safe record the more they can bring down their rates.

Heading out to enjoy the open road in the spring on two wheels is something riders look forward to throughout the winter. Preparing for a safe riding season takes only a short time – as does shopping around for the right coverage at the right rate.