Top Insider Tips to Get the Most Out of Insurance

Getting the most out of the insurance that everyone has to pay for is simple once it becomes clear how much a policy has to offer. With a few insider tips everyone can get the optional coverage added and make use of the benefits already included in every auto and home insurance policy.

Car Insurance Beyond Accidents

A car insurance policy is mainly designed to protect people from the financial damage a car accident can do, especially for those at fault. There’s more to every car insurance policy, however, than just accident protection.

A car insurance policy can also include roadside assistance, usually for a very small additional premium. This can provide assistance for everything from a flat tire to a dead battery or help getting locked-in keys out of the car. For those without roadside assistance elsewhere, this option adds value to an insurance policy and is often cheaper than a similar plan elsewhere.

Car insurance can also help to get a windshield repaired, even if there has been no accident. A rock chip can quickly turn into a large crack, but the comprehensive coverage – which is an option most people take – can pay to get that replaced, and some insurance companies even waive the deductible if it’s repaired before it needs to be replaced

Covering Personal Property Everywhere

Car insurance and home insurance can sometimes work together to provide comprehensive coverage. While a car insurance policy provides very little coverage for personal property that is stolen from the vehicle, a home insurance policy can kick in to fill in that gap. So while the car policy takes care of that broken window, the home insurance can replace the valuables.

Home insurance covers a percentage of the personal property of the insured everywhere they go, whether by car around the country to by air around the world. A camera stolen on vacation is covered the same way it is at home.

Extended Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is one of the less appreciated parts of a home insurance policy, but in today’s litigious society it might be one of the most important. And it can cover an insured person well beyond their front door.

"Your home insurance liability coverage can protect you from negligence claims against you both at home and elsewhere," says Tammy Ezer of Liability can also be purchased to cover a one-time event such as a wedding, providing extra protection.