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Traveling today involves passing through a number of checkpoints where you will be screened by security agents as well as customs agents if you plan to enter another country.  Some of the security procedures at these points can be confusing, especially if you do not travel abroad frequently.

TRAVEL FEBRUARY 06, 2013 Tips to Travel Safe

Whether travelling for business or for pleasure, a safe and pleasant travel experience is much more likely when you are well prepared. There are a few simple tips to make sure any travel goes as smoothly as possible, and that any bumps along the road can be quickly straightened out...

PRESS RELEASE: May 1, 2012 - Summer is a popular time for travel, and many Canadian families hit the road on road trips and vacations via air travel to other nations as well as within our borders. Most people look forward to a vacation for a long time, and there is nothing worse than having it ruined...