True or False? Your Car’s Colour Affects Your Auto Insurance Rate

  • 76% of 2020 model year vehicles sold were either white, black, grey, or silver.
  • Almost four in 10 luxury cars are white pearl/metallic in colour.
  • Some people will not agree with the answer to our true or false question.

When you bought your car, did the colour of it matter to you? Did you pick the colour for reasons other than you simply liked it? If you picked the colour of your car because you believed it would affect how much you pay for auto insurance, you are not alone. Many people believe this to be true, and the idea of it is pervasive; just ask your friends. I’m confident you’ll find many will agree with you.

Perhaps that's why we tend to shy away from colour when buying a car. In North America, 76% of 2020 model year vehicles sold were either white (26%), black (19%), grey (19%), or silver (12%), according to PPG, a leader in coatings across a variety of industries including the automotive sector.

The company also notes that car colour trends vary by the type of vehicle you drive:

  • Drivers of compact cars favour silver (18.5%), grey (18%), or blue (14.5%) vehicles.
  • SUV drivers prefer grey (19%), white pearl/metallic (15.5%), or black metallic (15.5%).
  • Sports cars tend to be grey (16%), white (16%), or blue (15%).
  • Drivers of pick-ups lean towards a truck that’s grey (24.5%), white (24%), or black metallic (16.5%).
  • Midsize sedan drivers favour white pearl/metallic (20%), grey (18%), or black metallic (16.5%).
  • Minivans tend to be solid white (20%), grey (15%), white pearl/metallic (14.5%), or black metallic (14.5%).
  • Luxury car drivers overwhelmingly favour white pearl/metallic (38%), grey (16%), and solid black (11%).

Now you know what colours to avoid if you want your vehicle to stand out in a crowded parking lot. But I digress. Let’s go back to the original question. True or false? The colour of your car affects your auto insurance rate.

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The truth about the colour of your car

The answer is false. Car colour does not come into play when it comes to your auto insurance rate. This is an auto insurance myth with real staying power. The reality is it doesn’t matter if your car is white, silver, blue, or green. Your insurance rate for that make and model of car will be the same.

I can hear the naysayers already, but the urban legend that red cars cost more to insure isn't true. What does affect your car insurance premium are things like where you live, your age and gender, the make and model of the vehicle you drive, how often you drive, and your insurance history and driving record. There are also optional coverages – like collision and comprehensive – that you opt into buying, as well as your chosen deductibles.

Yes, there’s a lot that goes into determining your premium, but the tone and hue of your vehicle aren’t one of them.