Unica Insurance to Offer 15% Premium Refund for COVID-19 Relief to Policyholders

Auto insurance rate refunds will soon be available to Unica’s personal vehicle policyholders.

Unica Insurance has announced that all of its policyholders will be receiving a three-month auto insurance break on rates that will be the equivalent of 15% of each month’s premium. The auto insurance refund is for the months of April, May, and June.

“We are in unusual and unprecedented times,” said Dave Smiley, Chief Operating Officer for Unica Insurance in a press release. “So, it’s important that we take a step back as an organization to focus not just on our responsibility to our mutualist members, but how we can best support our broker partners, policyholders, employees and our community. In times like this, business-as-usual does not apply—we need to focus on good corporate citizenship and to demonstrate the values we have long held as a people-first company.”

All of Unica’s personal auto insurance policyholders will automatically receive this one-time refund. There is no need to call or contact your broker to trigger the refund. The timing for the refund and the way it will be dispersed will be disclosed in the days ahead.

Beyond the Auto Insurance Rate Refund

In addition to offering its customers an auto insurance rate refund, Unica Insurance is also reminding their clients that they can:

  • Suspend personal road coverage during the lockdown. Customers who have stopped using their vehicle entirely can put their road coverage on hold.
  • Request payment flexibility. Unica Insurance is helping its customers facing payment challenges on a case-by-case basis and options available may include premium payment deferrals. Unica is also waiving their non-sufficient fund fees.

Unlike the rate refund, which is automatic, if you want to suspend or reduce your coverage or request payment flexibility you will need to get in contact with your broker.

Unica Insurance is one insurer among many who are providing COVID-19 insurance premium or payment relief.

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