Quiz: When Is a Car Accident More Likely to Happen?

When are you more likely to be in a collision, during the morning or evening rush hour? In February, April or July? Take the InsuranceHotline.com Road Test to find out.

Accidents, collisions, and fender-benders. No matter what you call them, they happen a lot and could affect your auto insurance rate. It's estimated that there are about 118,000 police-reported collisions each year in Canada, about 323 a day. And, according to the last five years' worth of information from Canada's National Collision Database, there are times when an accident is more likely to happen. Take the InsuranceHotline.com Road Test to learn which times, days, months and weather conditions are more accident-prone.

Even good drivers can have a bad day behind the wheel

If you're ever involved in a collision, you'll likely have concerns about how it will affect your car insurance rate. However, some insurance companies are more forgiving than others which is why it's essential to compare the rate your current insurer offers you to the lowest rates available through InsuranceHotline.com.

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