When Should You Buy Life Insurance?

Life insurance is something most people do not think about until a major life change causes them to consider what might happen to their loved ones should a tragedy occur. Marriage and the birth of a child are the two most common events that lead people to look at life insurance. Although they are both good reasons to prepare for the unforeseen, they are not the only good times to buy life insurance. In fact, in general the right answer to the question of when to buy life insurance is: now.

Why You Should Buy Young

The simple fact is that younger people get better life insurance premiums. They are a lower risk for the insurance company because they are less likely to have health problems. But a low premium is not the only reason to consider picking up a life insurance policy in your younger days. Life insurance provides for those left behind to assist them in dealing with the aftermath; even if you do not have a spouse or children, you are likely still leaving loved ones behind. Those loved ones will have to pay for your final expenses, which can add up fast. A life insurance policy can also help to cover any debts you might leave behind, ensuring that family members don’t find themselves responsible.

Buying a life insurance policy is probably the last thing on a young person’s mind, but even in your college years it can provide a much needed financial cushion for family members, even allowing them to take some time off work in order to grieve.

Life Insurance to Protect a Home Purchase

If you didn’t buy life insurance when you got married, as so many people do, you should certainly consider purchasing a policy when you buy your first home. This is especially important if you are the major breadwinner in the family, and your dependants would not be able to pay the mortgage without you. A life insurance policy can ensure that those left behind can keep your home, and that a move won’t be yet another upheaval in a difficult time.

When you purchase a home, you can look for quotes for a policy designed to protect that investment in the event of your death. Comparing quotes on term policies known as mortgage protection policies will allow you to find just the right coverage for the length and amount of your mortgage.

When You Start a Family

This is the time when most people consider life insurance, and it is definitely an excellent time if you haven’t purchased a policy yet. When you get married, and even more so when you have a baby, you create new financial obligations and new dependants who will need to be cared for if something happens to you. Now is the most important time to compare life insurance quotes and find the policy that will best provide for your family.

Every time you add another family member it’s a good idea to review your current life insurance policy and see if you should consider adding more coverage now that you have another person to provide for.

Life Insurance After Retirement

When you retire, you will lose any benefits including life insurance you might have through work. And although your financial obligations may be fewer – your home may be paid off and you don’t have kids at home to worry about. But you still have to consider final expenses, and on a fixed income it may be very difficult to put money aside.

The sooner you apply for life insurance, the better your odds of getting a good policy that will provide for your final expenses and leave something for your family as well. There are a number of great options for seniors to obtain life insurance policies, so shop around.

Shopping for Life Insurance at Any Age

While your life insurance needs may change over the years, buying life insurance always follows the same process. The first thing you should do is determine how much life insurance you need, and then obtain quotes. Your best bet will be the policy offering you the most coverage with the longest term for the money; but remember you also want to be certain to choose a reputable insurance company for your coverage.

Getting a life insurance quote online is a great way to get started, and armed with some numbers you can then discuss your needs and budget with an insurance professional to help you make the right decision. Remember that the sooner you start, the better the rates you are likely to receive. Waiting until you are older not only means a higher rate but means you run the risk of a health condition developing that could affect your ability to even qualify for life insurance. Once again, the best time to buy life insurance is as soon as possible.