You’ve Got Mail and It’s a Parking Ticket

By Lesley Green
Pile of unopened mail on doormat

Last year more than 2 million parking tickets were issued in the city of Toronto, but some drivers received theirs in the mail instead of finding the ticket on their car’s windshield.

It’s a sight that no driver wants to see, a bright yellow parking ticket neatly tucked under their windshield wiper. Even so, it’s a sight that happens a lot. Last year, there were about 2.1 million parking tickets issued in Toronto. However, almost 46,000 of these were cancelled because the motorist drove away before it could be handed over. The days of evading a parking ticket in this way, however, are no more. At the end of August in 2017, the city changed the rules and now, if you attempt to drive away, your parking ticket can simply be mailed to you.

Toronto isn’t the only city in the GTA that has taken the move to mailing parking tickets to those who try to drive away. Similar measures have been implemented in Markham (in 2015), Mississauga (2014), Oshawa (2008), Richmond Hill (2017), and Vaughan (2009), for example.

Does a parking ticket affect your auto insurance?

It doesn’t matter if you found the parking ticket on your windshield or in your mailbox, in general, parking tickets do not affect your auto insurance rate. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be costly.

Depending on the infraction, the set fine for parking tickets in Toronto can range in price from $15 to $450. What’s more, if you’re parked illegally during rush hour on specific roads or have three unpaid parking tickets you’re increasing your odds of being towed. Last year for example, almost 17,000 vehicles were towed from rush hour routes and over 6,100 were towed because the vehicle had three outstanding parking tickets registered to it. In all, there where almost 32,400 vehicles towed from city streets in 2017 and many of these drivers likely spent a couple hundred dollars to fetch their car from the impound lot.

Don’t ignore your mail

Parking tickets shouldn’t be ignored, no matter how they’re received. Failing to pay your parking ticket will only increase the amount of money you have to fork over once late penalties and administrative fees are added to the tally. And you will eventually have to pay up, as you won’t be able to renew your licence plate sticker when your birthday rolls around. is your ticket to lower auto insurance rates is your ticket to lower auto insurance rates. On average, shoppers save $450 after shopping their car insurance rates with us and you could save too. Compare auto insurance rates today from more than 30 of Canada’s most trusted providers for a lower rate.