If you are curious whether past issues like speeding tickets or minor accidents are still on your file, order a copy of your driving report from your provincial government. Here’s how to do it if you live in Ontario or Alberta, including what types of documents you can order, and what they cost.

A clean driving record gives you more choices for finding a competitive rate for the coverages you need. Our data shows the difference in premiums drivers with clean records can get versus drivers who have an at-fault accident on their records.

Toronto is the first city in Ontario to have traffic agents on its streets to monitor drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians to help improve the flow of traffic and reduce collisions. The agents are empowered to issue tickets for traffic violations.

Winter is upon us. It’s time to think about getting your car ready for winter driving as well as packing an emergency winter car kit with all the things you may need if you’re stranded at the side of the road.