Now that salted roads, cold temperatures, and ice are a distant memory and we’re fully planted into springtime, it’s time to wipe away the neglect and grime that built up during the winter. It’s time treat to your car to a spa day!

If you find yourself on the receiving end of a hit-and-run accident, there are specific actions you need to take immediately upon discovering the damage to your car.

The May long weekend is usually the unofficial kick-off to summer. It’s a time when friends and family pack their cars and head up to the cottage, whether it’s their own or that of a buddy’s. But, a new suggests that many Canadians appear to be choosing to stay at home.

From the roof to the basement to the outdoor living space and the garage, many things go into your home insurance rate. And, just like auto insurance, home insurance rates can vary substantially between insurers for the same home at the same address. But what affects your home insurance rate specifically?

Roughly 12,000 houses catch fire in Canada each year and fires originating from within the home are the most common culprit. And, sometimes the culprit is a household item we rely on every day, an appliance.

As emergencies go, one could certainly argue we’re in the middle of one right now with the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. And while you may have most of what you need to ride out the pandemic at home (Netflix, toilet paper, and a pre-set grocery delivery each week), do you have what you need in your home emergency kit if a severe storm hit causing a power outage for days?