We live in a relatively safe country but that doesn’t mean we should let our guard down. Every year in Canada there are about 160,000 break-ins reported to police. The pandemic is sure to have cut that number down significantly. But as more people get vaccinated, businesses re-open, and in-country (or in-province) travel gains steam, homeowners should take precautions to minimize their risk of a break-in when not at home.

Now that the kids are out of school and there’s a long weekend ahead of us, many parents are planning to take the first road trip of the summer. Road trips, however, sometimes come with bumps that can slow you down if you’re not prepared.

July is the month when we all say hello to summer. School’s out, road trips are in, and weekend warriors are on the roads in full force heading to the cottage, trailer, or just for a day trip to someplace new. It’s also the month when collisions are most common on Canada’s roads.

Only about 50% of renters have the protection needed that comes with a tenant insurance policy. Whether it’s due to cost, feeling they don’t have much to insure, or believing they have coverage under their landlord’s policy (or a roommate’s), the rest are putting themselves at great financial risk.

We're all taught how to be good drivers, but what about how to be good passengers? Passengers in vehicles have two responsibilities: to avoid distracting the driver and to help the driver avoid other distractions.