Ask Anne Marie: I Have a G2 Ontario Driver’s Licence. Can I Drive My Parents' Car?

We often highlight car insurance queries sent to our resident insurance expert, Anne Marie Thomas. From questions about excluding certain drivers from being listed on a car insurance policy to fault determination in a collision when one of the drivers doesn’t have insurance, Anne Marie tackles all of the questions we throw at her!

This week’s question is about whether a G2 licensed driver can drive their parent’s car even though they’re not listed on the policy.

Alvin asks:

“I have a G2 licence and I’m 17. Can I borrow my parent’s car even if I’m not listed on their car insurance policy?”

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The owner of a vehicle can lend their car to anyone, so long as the person driving is legally allowed to drive, explains Anne Marie.

“An owner of a car can lend their vehicle to anyone, whether it’s a neighbour, family member, or friend. The only caveat is that the person borrowing the car is legally allowed to drive when they are using the vehicle.

“The answer to your question, then, is yes. Your parents’ car insurance policy will cover you when you're driving so long as you have their permission to borrow the car. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t also let you know that if you will be regularly borrowing your parents’ car, or if you live at home with your parents, you should be added to their policy now that you have your G2 licence. Auto insurers generally require that anyone living in a household with a vehicle, or someone who regularly uses another person’s car, be added to that car’s policy as an occasional driver.”