Ask Anne Marie: Who Is Responsible for Damages to a Vehicle Resulting from an Accident on an Icy Driveway?

A question from one of our readers was posed to our resident insurance expert, Anne Marie Thomas, about who pays for damages to a vehicle as a result of sliding on an icy driveway and bumping into a concrete curb.

The question comes from Julie, who asks:

I was driving home and turned into the parking lot of our apartment building going 10 kilometres per hour or less. My car skidded on the ice in the driveway and hit the curb, damaging my vehicle. Because the guy my landlord hired didn’t plow or put down salt in the parking lot, I now have no car to get my kids to school or myself to work while it is being repaired. Is the landlord responsible to pay to fix my car, or am I?”

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Driving in wintry conditions – even at a low speed – can be hazardous. If you get into an accident with another vehicle, a stationary object, or a curb, the collision may be your fault since you are responsible for the control of the vehicle you are driving.

Anne Marie explains:

You must always drive according to the conditions of the road. Even though the driveway was snow covered and not salted, it may be considered an at-fault accident, and you will have to go through your car insurance company to get it fixed.