Boxing Day Sales Can’t Beat What You Can Save On Your Car Insurance

By Team
A woman with bags in her hand window shopping the latest sales.

Compare to save. It’s a one-two savings punch on your car insurance.

Boxing Day goes hand-in-hand with the idea of saving money (even though you’re spending it to do so). Why not spend a few minutes instead to see if you could lower your car insurance rate? It could be the easiest money you’ve ever saved!

How Much Could Be Saved? A Lot, Really.

On average, shoppers save $427 after comparing their current rate against the rates available through our network of more than 30 insurance providers, and really, who couldn’t use an extra $427 at this time of year?

It’s all made possible because car insurance rates are always changing. In Ontario, for example, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) releases the rate changes they’ve approved every three months. Last time, in October, FSRA reported that 26 insurers in Ontario had rate changes approved and of this group, 17 increased their rates. Seventeen!

This is why shopping around is so important. The company that offered you the best rate last time around may not be the company that can offer you the lowest car insurance rate today. You need to compare quotes to be sure.

Find the Best Car Insurance Rates

Compare car insurance quotes from 30+ providers in a single search. Start saving money today on the premiums you pay.

Year in Review: Rates Have Changed and Chances are You Have Too

A lot can happen over the course of the year that can affect your auto insurance rates over and above your insurer simply charging you more. It’s time to find a better deal for your coverage if in 2019 you:

  • Moved
  • Bought a new car
  • Got married or moved in together
  • Added a teen driver to your policy
  • Changed jobs or retired
  • Got a ticket (or had one fall off your driving record)
  • Were involved in a collision (or had one fall off your insurance history)

On the road or at home, there are plenty of times when your premiums could change which means a different insurer other than your own may be ready to step in and offer you a better rate. Don’t let this opportunity to pay less for your coverage pass you by.

A Year is a Long Time to Overpay for your Insurance

Kick the new year off right and put your current insurer’s premium to the test. Find your cheapest car insurance quote by comparing quotes from 30+ providers in a single search!