5 Times When You're More Likely to Get in a Car Accident

By Lesley Green
Two men gesticulate at scene of car accident.

Accidents, collisions, and fender-benders. No matter what you call them, they happen a lot and could affect your auto insurance rate. In Canada, about 323 police-reported collisions happen a day, and while you should always take care when behind the wheel, there are times and conditions when collisions are more likely to happen*.

1. Summer vacation

Most drivers might think that they’re more likely to get into a collision when conditions are wintery, but the reality is there are more collisions in July than any other month.

2. Frantic Fridays

Maybe it’s because we’re all in a rush to get home to kick off the weekend, but for many drivers the weekend starts off on the wrong foot. Seventeen percent of all police-reported collisions in Canada happen on Fridays; followed by 16% on Thursday.

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3. The evening rush

The evening rush hour (starting at 3 p.m. and ending at 6 p.m.) is easily the time of day most prone to collisions. This three-hour period in the late afternoon accounts for 25% of all collisions that happen over the course of the day.

4. Mid-block collisions

It's a myth that the majority of collisions happen at an intersection...sort of. Technically, more collisions happen mid-block (47.1%) while accidents at an intersection of two roads come in a very close second (46.9%). Collisions on a freeway, traffic circle, ramp, bridge overpass, or tunnel happen with considerably far less frequency.

5. When the sun is out

Sunny days make drivers gloomy. At 71.5% collisions are overwhelmingly more likely to happen on days that are clear and sunny, compared to days when it’s raining, snowing or when visibility is limited due to fog or drifting snow.

Car collisions and your car insurance

Take care, stay safe, and drive carefully to keep your car insurance premiums in check because a collision where you are found to be at fault (even if you're only partially at fault) can be a costly hit to your wallet. Don’t let an at-fault accident increase your rates. Drive safe and avoid driver distractions to keep your premiums low.

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* Canadian car accident statistics come from the last five years' worth of data available at Canada's National Collision Database.