Getting the Most Out of Motorcycle Insurance

With motorcycle season fast approaching and the warm weather on the horizon, many riders are itching to get back on the road. Liability insurance for your motorcycle, like car insurance, is mandatory for anyone who wants to hit the road on two wheels. While every rider has to have a policy in force, not every rider is getting the most out of that policy. Just like with car insurance, there are some insider tips that can help ensure those premiums are bringing the best deal and the best coverage.

Discounts for Riders

There’s a lot of focus on car insurance discounts out there, so sometimes it’s not so clear that motorcycle insurance qualifies for a number of discounts as well. But many insurance companies do offer discounts to riders to help with premiums.

Insuring a motorcycle at the same company where other policies are in force, such as auto or home, can earn riders a multi-policy discount on that motorcycle policy. Most insurance companies also offer discounts for those who have taken a riding safety course. Don’t assume there are no discounts for motorcycle policies – ask the insurance company what is available.

Keep that Coverage all Year

Many riders think they are saving money by cancelling their insurance on the motorcycle during the winter months. The truth is that most insurance companies have already made an allowance for the off-season for motorcycles into their rates. Insurance companies know you don’t ride in the winter, and they work their rates out to allow for that. Cancelling the policy leaves your bike at risk.

An uninsured bike is still at risk even if it isn’t on the road. Theft, vandalism, and fire are just a few of the ways a motorcycle can be damaged or destroyed during the winter months. If it’s uninsured, there will be no coverage to pay for repairs or replacement. That means cancelling the policy could cost more in the long run.

Shop Around for Rates

Some insurance companies specialize in motorcycle coverage, which means they can offer much better rates than other companies. Shopping around for motorcycle insurance quotes is the only way to find out what kind of premiums are out there and whether there is a better deal.

Many riders could be getting better coverage for less money, allowing them to get more out of the policy while saving money too. When it comes to motorcycle coverage, the more coverage the better, and there is no reason to overpay to get it. In some cases even the multi-policy discount can’t make up the difference in price when compared to a rate from a company that focuses their business on motorcycle insurance.