Important Insurance Tips for Newlyweds

PRESS RELEASE: September 17, 2012 - Getting married is a very exciting time in the life of a couple. With so much going on between wedding planning and making a new home together, insurance concerns can sometimes fall through the cracks. Newlyweds have several things to consider when it comes to combining their insurance and getting everything covered properly, and these tips from make it easy to cover all the bases.

The joining of two lives comes with certain legal concerns, and insurance coverage is one of them. Among the important things to consider are coverage for personal property, including wedding gifts and those lovely new wedding rings, life insurance coverage, and combining car insurance policies. These and other common insurance concerns are easily taken care of with a few simple tips.

Personal Property Coverage

Whether a couple has lived together prior to marriage or not, there are usually some concerns regarding personal property coverage at the time of marriage. For those who have not previously lived together and are creating a new home, taking out the right home insurance policy is key to getting all of the contents of that home covered.

It’s important to note that certain articles of personal property will need special coverage. Jewelry and highly valuable wedding gifts are among those items. Any single item that exceeds the coverage limit on the policy will need to be scheduled on the policy to provide proper protection. And don’t wait until the wedding on that engagement ring! "The minute an engagement ring is purchased, you may want to add it to the home insurance policy of the person holding it. Couples who live together already can schedule it on their home policy and leave it there," points out Tammy Ezer of, "But it may need to be moved if they are just moving in together."

Combining Car Insurance

Again, for those just moving in together, combining car insurance is important not just to make sure every driver in the household is covered on the cars, but also because it can save money.

Bringing two car insurance policies together with the same company could qualify them for a multi-policy discount. It’s a good time to shop around for car insurance quotes to see which company will best serve the needs and budget of the newly married couple. Bringing the car insurance to the same company as the home policy is another way to earn a discount.

Life Insurance Concerns

Marriage is often the impetus for many people to seek out life insurance if they haven’t already. Protecting each other and any children in the future is a vital part of creating a new family together. For those who already carry life insurance, this is the time to contact an insurance professional and update beneficiary information. It’s also a good time to consider adding additional coverage to increase the death benefit amount.

For new couples who don’t yet carry life insurance, this is the perfect time to obtain a policy. It’s important to take out policies for both people, even if one is the main breadwinner. Remember that even if income is not a concern, life insurance can help to pay for final costs and also allow time off work for grieving. It also provides for the future of any children.

Insurance may not be the first thing on most newlyweds’ minds, but it’s important to get everything in line and covered properly whenever two lives are joined in marriage. Start a new life together off right by getting every aspect of insurance coverage taken care of right away.

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