Ripped-Off On My Auto Insurance

By Team
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A consumer named Andre came up to me the other day and said, loudly, I add; "I've been ripped-off on my car insurance! I was paying $298 a month and now I pay only $97 a month, for the exact same policy!"

That is the single, most-important, message I've been trying to get out. Drivers are paying hundreds, and some, thousands of dollars more than they have to for their auto insurance.

The "new" lower insurance rates are out. These new rates, are available for you to see on

You have to be proactive; no one is going to come up and tell you that another company has a rate over $500 less for you. The only way to find out is to check for yourself at

John from Hamilton did. He emailed me saying, "Just thought you should know, saved me well over $2,000 this year."

Take a look at this chart, which shows over $1,000 difference in rates for a clean driver:

Previously Paid - $1,958

Found - $1,067

Highest - $2,105

Difference - $1,038

There's great satisfaction in knowing what Andre now knows.

There are sites out there that report on insurance horror stories, mostly about skyrocketing rates. One guy said he cried like a baby when his rate doubled from $1,154 to over $2,600 for no apparent reason. If he did a quick search, with the new rates out there, he'd probably find a rate lower than his old one, and save himself over $1,000.

Even if your rate went down on renewal, that's your clue that other companies' rates also went down. See how low you can go.

There's also a rate comparison for your home, business, travel, life and pet insurance too. Make sure you're not giving away your money for nothing.