Spring Forward: Driver Safety Tips for Daylight Time

By Lesley Green
Purple crocus flowers blooming in the spring

Don’t forget to spring forward March 8th at 2 a.m.

Spring is just around the corner! The proof? On Sunday, March 8th, we spring forward one hour into daylight time. That’s the good news. The bad news is that we’ll lose an hour of sleep, which can have serious consequences for drivers.

Losing an hour of sleep can be tough on the body, but there are ways you can mitigate the impact or avoid it altogether.

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Go to Bed Early the Days Leading up to the Time Change

Start going to bed early, about 15 minutes each night, leading up to the change in clocks. It will give your body a chance to acclimatize sooner.

Adjust the Timing of Your Other Daily Routines

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine suggests that in addition to going to bed early, you should also adjust daily routines that are "time cues" for your body. For example, eating dinner a touch earlier each evening.

Spring Forward in the Early Evening on Saturday

Set your clocks to spring forward early Saturday evening, then go to sleep at your "regular" bedtime. By doing so, you’re basically spring forwarding your sleep one night earlier. Stick to your normal bedtime on Sunday too.

Get Some Vitamin D

Try to catch some rays in the early morning sunlight on Sunday.

Work from Home

If you have the option to work from home, this is the ideal day (or two) to take advantage of it to steer clear of the commute. That way, you can avoid other drivers who might be feeling the effects of a lack of sleep.

Don’t Drive Distracted

Always important—no matter what time of year—but worth the reminder: don’t drive distracted. Turn the radio down, drink your coffee at the office (or at home), don’t take breakfast or your afternoon snack to go, and save the call (even if it is hands-free) for later.

Bring Your Sunglasses Along for the Ride

The shift in time may mean that you’re now driving home while the day is still bright. Make sure you’ve got a pair of sunglasses in the car.

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