Top 10 Stolen Vehicles in Alberta

More vehicles are stolen in Alberta than any other province in Canada. In fact, the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) reports that auto thefts in the province account for almost 30 per cent of all stolen vehicles in Canada.

It’s not just any vehicle that thieves are after either; thieves in Alberta specifically target Canada’s best-selling truck, the Ford F-Series. The popular truck dominates the IBC’s annual list of most frequently stolen vehicles in the province.

  1. 2006 Ford F-350 Super Duty 4WD Pickup
  2. 2005 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4WD Pickup
  3. 2007 Ford F-350 Super Duty 4WD Pickup
  4. 2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty 4WD Pickup
  5. 2006 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4WD Pickup
  6. 2001 Ford F-350 Super Duty 4WD Pickup
  7. 2004 Ford F-350 Super Duty 4WD Pickup
  8. 2003 Ford F-350 Super Duty 4WD Pickup
  9. 2000 Honda Civic 2-door Hatchback
  10. 2007 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4WD Pickup

Although overall auto theft activity largely remained unchanged in Alberta compared to 2015, there were still more than 22,000 vehicles were stolen last year. In comparison, Ontario—which ranks second in auto theft frequency—saw just over 17,000 vehicles stolen, according to Statistics Canada.

Tips to deter auto theft

It doesn’t take much time or many resources for someone to steal your car. The IBC estimates that, even without the keys, a thief can take off with your car in less than a minute. So while Ford trucks may be some of the most stolen, your vehicle can still be at risk of theft if you don’t take the proper precautions.

  • Park in well-lit areas.
  • Where possible, park your car in the garage at night.
  • Lock your vehicle and roll up all windows whenever it is parked.
  • Never leave your car running unattended, even if it is for just a minute.
  • Never leave valuables in plain sight; and, do not leave any personal documents, like your insurance slip, ownership papers, or pieces of ID in the glove compartment. Take all items with you when you

leave your vehicle.

Auto theft and your auto insurance

If your vehicle is on this list, not only is it more likely to be stolen, but it’s also likely that you’re paying more for your Alberta auto insurance. The probability of your vehicle being stolen plays a part in calculating how much you pay for your car insurance. Thankfully, there is a way to ensure that you’re getting the best price. Within a few minutes, can help you find the best available auto insurance rates out there for your vehicle. You may be surprised at how much you could save on your auto insurance, whether your car is on the list or not.