Top Five Intersections for Collisions in Barrie

Motor vehicle collisions are common at intersections and, after releasing the most accident-prone intersections in Barrie, police remind drivers to keep their guard up when approaching any intersection in the city.

"Intersections can become very congested when traffic volumes are high, which can create delay and frustration," say Barrie police. "Motorists are reminded to be alert when approaching intersections anytime of the day/night."

There are some intersections in Barrie, however, where this reminder is especially needed. The top five intersections for collisions in the city are:

  1. Dunlop Street West and Ferndale Drive North
  2. Hwy 400 and Mapleview Drive West
  3. Dunlop Street West and Hart Drive
  4. Duckworth Street and Georgian Drive
  5. Bayfield Street and Coulter Street

It’s true that while driving in Barrie you’re often at the mercy of unpredictable traffic, construction and even the weather. And although much of it is out of your control, accidents can be avoided if precautions are taken.

Staying safe on the road

It is always essential to keep up with driving conditions in Barrie. Whether you’re a Barrie resident, sports enthusiast heading to the slopes or a city dweller getting set for a summer weekend in cottage country preparation is key for the road ahead. So too is having the right insurance coverage which, when collisions happen, can be an invaluable safety net.

Although this time of year keeps drivers on high alert, the fact is winter only accounts for a few months. Drivers also need to be aware of day-to-day factors that impact road conditions. Pile-ups, collisions, traffic volume, construction and a myriad of other elements can make one day's journey very different from the next. And while 91 per cent of Barrie drivers who shopped their Barrie auto insurance rate at said they drive with winter tires when the snow flies, even the most cautious drivers are sometimes caught unaware.

Regardless of what awaits on the road, drivers have a number of tools at their disposal to keep themselves and others safe.

Road and weather condition information

The County of Simcoe website has direct links to up-to-date traffic conditions, Environment Canada weather reports for Barrie, as well as information on road conditions in Central Ontario, while the City of Barrie’s site details road closures, road maintenance schedules as well as construction plans.

Plan for an early start

Regardless of the destination, having sufficient time to get to where you want to go means less frustration on the road. It also means having the flexibility to slow down and take an alternate route in case the chosen route appears too hazardous. For many drivers, this could mean leaving earlier in the morning, or, letting the rush hour commute die down before heading home at night.

Regular auto maintenance

Keeping a car in good shape means there is less likelihood of breakdowns, a real concern in the winter months. Regular visits to the auto shop mean all components are in top shape.

Keep a car safety kit

To prepare for any instance where one has to stay safe without assistance, stock up on a complete car safety kit. A first aid kit, food and water, sand, blankets, flares, heat packets, flashlight and batteries can go a long way toward making a crisis situation bearable.

Getting the right coverage

There is a lot to think about when it comes to auto insurance. Taking the time to review the options closely pays off in the long run. Having the right insurance gives drivers the comfort of knowing that coverage is there when it is most needed. Simcoe County locals may want to start by searching for cheap auto insurance in Barrie, keeping in mind these important issues:

  • Is a standard auto insurance policy enough coverage?
  • Should I purchase additional accident and liability coverage?
  • Do I need extra coverage for vehicle damage?
  • Will I drive a rented or leased vehicle?
  • What are the exclusions?

In Ontario, only the standard auto insurance policy is required by law. This minimum coverage, however, can fall short of covering all of the out-of-pocket expenses that could result from an accident. In a standard policy, there is money available for medical treatments, but those without optional, additional coverage may have to pay more than they anticipate after a car accident-related injury. When buying or renewing your policy chat with your provider to confirm which coverage amounts are best for your particular needs and concerns.

Making it easy to make the right choice

The good news is that, just as drivers are empowered to take action on road safety, they also have options when it comes to insurance. Drivers can review car insurance quotes in Ontario to find the right plan for their individual budgets, while still keeping them protected. This is quick and easy for everyone—regardless of how much time they spend on the road.