Watch out for Wildlife When Driving in Ottawa

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A man driving with a view of a deer crossing sign on the side of the road.

Not only is Ottawa one of the safest cities to drive in, but Ottawa has some of the most affordable insurance rates. Ottawa has about 1.2 million residents and Ottawa’s provincial borders are Quebec and Gatineau. In the Ottawa-Gatineau area, there are just over 1.3 million residents. Ottawans know that wildlife is a constant danger on the roads, with a large number of animal collisions each year.

Ottawa gets its name from the Ottawa River and "Ottawa" is taken from the word Odawa which means to trade. With over 500,000 licensed drivers, the fourth largest city in Canada is also one of the safest when it comes to driving.

Ottawa’s Safe for Driving, Take Caution in These Areas

With a 50 percent reduction in serious injuries and traffic fatalities over the last 30 years, Ottawa’s roads are very safe. But, drivers in Ottawa are cautioned they shouldn't drive distracted.

Watch out for wildlife and take caution at intersections:

• With over 1,000 vehicle accidents a year due to wildlife, staying safe while driving is important. In areas with yellow wildlife signs, slow down when driving.

• At night, look for an animal’s light reflection from your headlights.

• About half the traffic accidents in Ottawa occur at traffic intersections. Hence, it’s another reason to drive cautiously, obey road signs and avoid rolling stops.

Ottawa’s Roadways and Transportation System

Ottawa's major highways include:

• Queensway’s Highway 417

• The Ottawa-Carleton Regional Road 174

• Highway 19 along the Rideau River and Highway 416 that connects to the 401 and interests with the 417

Ottawa has a light rail transport system (OLTS) that is referred to as the O-Train. It's operated by the OC Transpo. Ottawan bikers have over 220 kilometers of bike trails.

The Most Popular Vehicles in Ottawa

One of the most popular insured vehicles in Ottawa is the Honda Civic and Honda is a popular car brand. Toyota comes in a close second with Chevrolet, Ford and Hyundai rounding out the list of popular vehicles. Nearly 50 percent of Ottawa drivers commute up to an average five kilometers each day. About 94 percent of drivers in Ottawa have winter tires.

Finding Affordable Auto Insurance in Ottawa

About 73 percent of those who shop for auto insurance in Ottawa are men, while the average driver is aged 31. Because some parts of Ottawa are heavily populated, they see some of the highest insurance premiums in Canada. Rates are 40 percent higher than other areas in the Golden Horseshoe and Greater Toronto. However, insurance is more affordable in the rest of the province. In Riverside or Heron, expect to pay $1,009 and in Riverview Hawthorn and Nepean East, expect to pay $1,125.

The average auto insurance premium cost in Ottawa is $1,242. In Ontario, it's $1,445, making it 14 percent cheaper. The average 35-year-old man will pay:

• $1,162 in Downtown Ontario

• $1,110 in Gloucester

• $928 in Stittsville and Nepean

How to Shop for Cheap Auto Insurance and Save the Most Money

To help Ottawans find the best car insurance, they should shop around to get a cheap auto insurance quote. By using a site that compares quotes to save the most money.

How does it work?

1. Click on the Ottawa auto insurance comparison link. Or if it's for Ontario, click the Ontario auto insurance link for a quote.

2. Compare insurance packages from over 30 of the leading auto insurers in Canada.

3. Contact the auto insurer with the best deal and start saving money on a new policy.

Ottawans can find an affordable package that meets their needs and fits their budget. Hence, it’s recommended to get a quote for auto insurance. This saves time from searching one site at a time or only going with the first quote one finds online.

Additional Ways to Save on Auto Insurance

Other ways to save money include asking for available auto insurance discounts.

Auto insurance discounts can include:

• Some insurers award safe drivers up to 25 percent off annual premiums.

• A driver training course can take 15 percent off your annual premiums.

• With more than one vehicle insured, drivers can save up to 20 percent off with some insurers.

• To lower monthly payments, change a $500 deductible to $1,000.

• Bundle auto insurance with home, medical and travellers insurance. Drivers can save up to 15 percent.

• Drivers with winter tires might get an additional five percent off with some insurers.

Shop Around

Finding cheap auto insurance in Ottawa is easy when you compare prices. The province has some of the safest roads. With affordable insurance and so many available discounts, it's no wonder it's home to over 1.2 million residents. Compare prices now to save the most money on auto insurance.