What are the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents and How Can You Avoid Them?

By InsuranceHotline.com Team
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Staying safe on the road should be the goal of every driver. Some of the most common car accidents in Canada may be prevented with some general tips. These include being conscious of road safety before and after you get into your vehicle.

Although you may not think the worst will ever happen, it's always a good idea to drive with good care and attention. To best protect yourself, it's essential to have the right insurance coverage just in case the unexpected occurs.

Why Accidents Happen

There are many reasons why car accidents occur. Usually, provincial authorities can pinpoint a direct cause of the collision. Some of the four most common are:

• Speeding- Driving faster than posted limits creates hazards, and may be deadly. Speeding is a leading cause of death on Ontario roads.

• Weather- Poor visibility, slippery roads and other unsafe conditions are often the result of poor weather. This doesn't just happen in the winter; even summertime can see flash floods and unexpected rainstorms.

• Distracted driving- According to the Government of Ontario, a person using a phone while driving is four times more likely to have a collision. But driver distraction isn't just about phones. Eating, talking to passengers, and fiddling with electronic units all take eyes off the road.

• Impaired driving- Driver impairment is one of the most talked about accident causes. Numerous campaigns over the years have encouraged drivers to stay sober before getting behind the wheel. Nonetheless, this remains a leading reason for road collisions.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. Each day, injuries and fatalities occur without warning.

How You Can Prevent Car Accidents

The good news is that road safety is largely in your hands. There are many ways you can make accidents less likely.

• Slow down- Obey the posted speed limits. Leave plenty of space between yourself and other drivers, especially those in front of you. Then if they come to a sudden stop, you have time to brake.

• Perform proper maintenance- Breakdowns or mechanical inefficiencies hinder your ability to control your driving. Keep everything running smoothly with regular checks. Install those winter tires, even if you feel they won't be necessary.

• Stay alert to weather reports- Information is power. If you expect a rainstorm or sleet, you can be more mindful of low visibility and take steps to correct it.

• Avoid distraction- Keep your eyes on the road. Let passengers know you won't engage in long conversations that will take your mind off driving.

• Appoint a designated driver- If you enjoy a night out, don't get behind the wheel if you have had alcohol. Name a designated driver or call a cab.

• Mind your mood- Anger can cause rash decisions. Try to keep calm as much as possible.

Driving is an essential activity, but it poses certain risks. That's why drivers must be conscious every time they head out -- whether they are just going around the block or hitting a major highway.

Importance of Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance coverage is mandatory, but you have choices in the type of coverage. If you are a frequent driver that encounters many risks, you may want to purchase some optional protection. Additional third party liability and accident benefits, for example, can give you an additional buffer in case the worst happens.

Get the Best Insurance Rates

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