Reminder: Toronto to Relocate 50 Speed Cameras

  • City of Toronto moves all photo radar speed cameras to new locations in May and they’ll be ticketing come June.
  • Speed camera (and red-light camera) tickets do not affect auto insurance.
  • All 50 new speed camera locations listed.

Toronto is moving its photo radar speed cameras to new locations. Enforcement will begin in June.

Drivers who have switched up their routes to avoid the City of Toronto’s 50 Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) devices are going to have to map out a new way to run errands. This month, the devices are being moved to new locations peppered throughout the city. It’s the second time the devices have been moved and the devices will be fully functional in their new locations in June.

“Speeding continues to be one of the most dangerous traffic safety issues in our city. I urge every driver in Toronto to slow down and obey the posted speed limits not only because it’s the law but because doing so saves lives,” Toronto’s Mayor John Tory said in a press release. “Speed cameras are a proven traffic calming measure that we will continue to rotate across the city because we are committed to making our roads safer.”

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Speeding tickets by the numbers

The ASEs catch a lot of people speeding. A lot. In the first month of enforcement (July 2020), there were 22,301 tickets issued to vehicle owners. Of this number, there were 2,239 repeat offenders.

  • In August, there were 15,175 tickets issued with 1,198 repeat offenders.
  • In September, 9,719 tickets were sent out, and 604 people received multiple notices.
  • In October, there were 5,174 tickets issued and 251 repeat offenders.

In November, the ASEs were moved to new locations (much like what is happening this month).

  • In December, there were 22,180 speeding tickets sent out, of which 2,057 were repeat offenders.
  • In January 2021, 28,231 tickets were issued and 2,457 repeat offenders.
  • In February, 22,860 tickets were sent out, with 1,688 repeat offenders.
  • In March, 30,466 tickets were mailed, with 2,501 repeat offenders.

All told, more than 156,000 tickets have been mailed to the owner of the vehicle caught speeding.

How much does it cost when you get a ticket from a photo radar speed camera?

The ASEs in the city are in Community Safety Zones, locations where schools are found. These are areas where a driver should know to expect many children nearby and drive even more carefully. As a result, the cost of a speeding ticket can be significant for those who set aside safety. The fine for speeding in these zones starts at $5.00 per kilometre over the limit and increases the faster you go.

Kilometre per hour over posted speed limitSet fine 
1-19 km/h$5.00 per kilometre 
20-29 km/h$7.50 per kilometre 
30-49 km/h$12.00 per kilometre 


Owners of vehicles caught going 50 km/h or more over the limit don’t need to worry about a speeding ticket in the mail. Instead, they’ll receive a court date with a Justice of the Peace.

Photo radar speed camera tickets and your auto insurance

A speed camera ticket, like a red-light camera ticket, does not affect your car insurance rate. Here’s why: if an ASE spots an automobile speeding, it will take a photo of the vehicle’s licence plate. A ticket is then mailed to the registered owner of the car, who may – or may not – have been behind the wheel at the time. There is no telling who was behind the wheel at the time of the infraction. As a result, there are no demerit points for the infraction, and no one’s driving record is affected. Still, the fine is hefty, and as a vehicle owner, you’ll want to be picky about lending out your car because you’ll be on the hook for paying the ticket.

Where will Toronto's photo radar speed cameras be located?

Each ward in the city has two ASEs that move about every four to five months. This month, the 50 ASE devices are being moved to the following locations:

  1. Martin Grove Road, north of Garfella Drive (Etobicoke North)
  2. John Garland Boulevard, near Kendleton Drive (Etobicoke North)
  3. The East Mall, south of Capri Road (Etobicoke Centre)
  4. La Rose Avenue, east of Griggsden Avenue (Etobicoke Centre)
  5. Algoma Street, east of Royal York Road (Etobicoke-Lakeshore)
  6. Lake Shore Boulevard West, near Twentieth Street (Etobicoke-Lakeshore)
  7. Windermere Avenue, near St. Olave’s Road (Parkdale-High Park)
  8. Annette Street, near Laws Street (Parkdale-High Park)
  9. Guestville Avenue, near Dennis Avenue (York South-Weston)
  10. Culford Road, north of Burr Avenue (York South-Weston)
  11. Wilson Avenue, near 1196 Wilson Ave. (York Centre)
  12. Northover Street, south of Sheppard Avenue West (York Centre)
  13. Shoreham Drive, west of Gosford Boulevard (Humber River-Black Creek)
  14. Stong Court, west of Driftwood Avenue (Humber River-Black Creek)
  15. Wilson Avenue, west of Belgrave Avenue (Eglinton-Lawrence)
  16. Marlee Avenue, south of Hillmount Avenue (Eglinton-Lawrence)
  17. Dufferin Street, near Waterloo Avenue (Davenport)
  18. Concord Avenue, north of College Street (Davenport)
  19. Dundas Street West, near Augusta Avenue (Spadina-Fort York)
  20. The Esplanade, east of Princess Street (Spadina-Fort York)
  21. Avenue Road, near Macpherson Avenue (University-Rosedale)
  22. Clinton Street, north of College Street (University-Rosedale)
  23. Davisville Avenue, near Acacia Road (Toronto-St. Paul’s)
  24. Bansley Avenue, south of Vaughan Road (Toronto-St. Paul’s)
  25. Homewood Avenue, near Maitland Place (Toronto Centre)
  26. Parliament Street, north of Oak Street (Toronto Centre)
  27. Greenwood Avenue, south of Glebeholme Boulevard (Toronto-Danforth)
  28. Plains Road, near Milton Road (Toronto-Danforth)
  29. Blythwood Road, near Blyth Hill Road (Don Valley West)
  30. Leslie Street, south of Lawrence Avenue East (Don Valley West)
  31. York Mills Road, east of Rayoak Drive (Don Valley East)
  32. Grenoble Drive, west of Spanbridge Road (Don Valley East)
  33. Van Horne Avenue, west of Brian Drive (Don Valley North)
  34. Parkway Forest Drive, near 25 Parkway Forest Dr. (Don Valley North)
  35. Drewry Avenue, east of Norwin Street (Willowdale)
  36. Ellerslie Avenue, west of Diagonal Road (Willowdale)
  37. Victoria Park Avenue, near Medonte Avenue (Beaches-East York)
  38. Secord Avenue, near Palmer Avenue (Beaches-East York)
  39. Birchmount Road, south of Sadler Drive (Scarborough Southwest)
  40. Bellamy Road, south north of Kingston Road (Scarborough Southwest)
  41. Gilder Drive, east of Midland Avenue (Scarborough Centre)
  42. Lawrence Avenue East, west of Ben Stanton Boulevard (Scarborough Centre)
  43. Bamburgh Circle, near 125 Bamburgh Cir. (Scarborough-Agincourt)
  44. Chester Le Boulevard, near Pettibone Square (Scarborough-Agincourt)
  45. Huntingwood Drive, near Mollard Road (Scarborough North)
  46. Heather Road, east of Glen Watford Drive (Scarborough North)
  47. Military Trail, near 341 Military Tr. (Scarborough-Guildwood)
  48. Gatesview Avenue, east of Cedar Drive (Scarborough-Guildwood)
  49. Sewells Road, west of Glenheather Terrace (Scarborough-Rouge Park)
  50. Centennial Road, south of Cherrydale Court (Scarborough-Rouge Park)

The City’s speed camera map pinpoints the current location of each ASE, the proposed next placement, as well as current red-light camera locations.