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Aviva Canada Profile

Aviva Canada Inc. is one of the leading Property and Casualty insurance groups in Canada, providing home, automobile and business insurance and premier claims service to more than 3 million customers. Aviva and the Aviva logo are registered trademarks of Aviva plc. and are licensed by Aviva Canada Inc. for use by its family of companies which include: Aviva Insurance Company of Canada, Pilot Insurance Company, Elite Insurance Company, Traders General Insurance Company, Scottish & York Insurance Company and S&Y Insurance Company.

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Aviva’s home offices are located in the United Kingdom. They are the sixth largest insurance company in the entire world. They have actually only grown to such large numbers since the year of 2000. At the beginning, they were known as CGNU to most people. The name Aviva was chosen from the Latin word ‘viva’, which means ‘life.’ The new name was voted into existence by shareholders in the year 2002. Since then, the company hasn’t really looked back.

If you were to actually trace this company back as far as you could, you’d find that it has a long and rich history that goes as far back as 1696. The company was then known as Hand in Hand Fire and Life and was located in London, England. It seems hard to believe that people in 1696 were thinking about insurance but it is a good thing for Aviva that they were. The company has grown and moved through many changes and transitions since those days.

In the late 1990′s two British giants in the industry combined. They were known as General Accident and Commercial Union. After becoming Aviva, the company has also acquired other companies to grow to the size that they are today. With approximately 43 million customers, located in 21 countries, Aviva is now a world giant.

RAC was acquired in 2005. This was part of recovery operation for a failing company. In 2006, Aviva was able to make their presence known in the US market by acquiring AmerUs Group. This was another company that had a long history, having been founded in the year 1896.

Aviva also showed some business management intelligence by cutting loose part of their operation in the Australian market. They were able to sell “Navigator” (a business for wealth building) to National Australia Bank for the enormous sum of A$825 million. This would equate to approximately 401 million British pounds. With this sort of business savvy, it is no wonder that the company has survived longer than virtually any other business in the world.

In 2011, they were able to complete the recovery operation that they set-out to do with RAC. They were able to sell the company for a cool 1 billion British pounds. The Carlyle Group made this purchase. This hefty deal helped to push Aviva into greatness and there is no doubt that this insurance industry giant is in it for the long haul. They have staying power and financial clout to back them as far as they wish to go.

If you are looking for a company to do business with, there’s no doubt that this company is great. They are serious, professional and results oriented. Most people couldn’t ask for much more when seeking a company to put their trust in. You pay them a small amount for a larger amount assurance that you’ll be taken care of. You really cannot put a price on peace of mind. With Aviva, you really can’t go wrong.