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Founded in 1923 by Milton Palmer Langstaff in Toronto, Ontario, The Empire Life Insurance Company later found its permanent home a little further east in Kingston. Since 2001, President and CEO Leslie C. Herr has driven the company’s growth, leading Empire Life to become one of the top-10 life insurance companies in Canada. Today, Empire Life is committed to remaining Canada’s most convenient insurance and investment company by offering insurance products and investment options to satisfy individuals, families and business owners.

Simple, Fast & Easy Insurance

Comprised of more than 800 financial advisors across the nation, Empire Life helps nearly half a million clients to build their wealth and protect their financial security. The company offers three primary lines of business: Individual Insurance, Investments, and Group Benefits.

Individual Insurance

Empire’s advisors simplify insurance, making your experience quick and easy to understand. Using a combination of formulas, calculators and software, Empire advisors will help you determine exactly what type and how much insurance is right for your individual needs. To minimize risk while maximizing coverage, Empire believes that having the right balance of insurance is the key to a healthy financial plan.


Fact: 65% of Canadians indicate that they either have too little 
or no life insurance coverage.

Let an Empire Life insurance advisor help you choose:

  • Term Insurance: When you need affordable protection for your family or business, Term life insurance provides four options, Solution ART, Solution 10, Solution 20 and Solution 30. Term life insurance is ideal for families with a mortgage, or individuals looking for affordable coverage with future flexibility. It’s also ideal for small- to medium-business owners who need to cover overhead and start-up costs, and for business owners with employees and complex business arrangements.
  • Permanent Life Insurance: Empire Life offers one permanent life insurance option called Solution 100. This non-participating permanent life insurance is ideal for mature clients who want to protect their estate or provide generous gifts to their favourite charities, and for young children needing long-term value today. Solutions 100 is simple, affordable insurance for complex strategies.
  • Permanent Participating Life Insurance: A type of whole life insurance, Permanent Participating life insurance offers cash surrender values, allowing clients to “participate” profits paid out via dividends. Empire Life offers two permanent life insurance options, Optimax Wealth and EstateMax, each of which offers three payment options. Permanent participating life insurance is best suited for young children and individuals looking for short or long term growth of their estate protection, as well as for families adverse to volatile market swings and small business owners with short and long term protection needs. While no one can guarantee dividends, Empire Life has a track record of paying dividends on its participating plans every year since 1923.
  • Critical Illness Insurance: Empire offers two simple, affordable critical illness insurance protection options, Empire Life CI Protect and Empire Life CI Protect Plus. These plans offer peace of mind to individuals who are concerned about future health problems, and to high-net-worth clients looking to protect their retirement plans.

All coverages include options to receive all or a portion of your money back should you never make a claim or require medical assistance. They also provide lump-sum tax-free cash payments to help with your financial means, just in case you need utilize your policy.


Empire Life offers a wide variety of investment options, such as Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs), Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs), Guaranteed Interest Contracts (GICs), Annuities, Mutual Funds and more. The Empire Investment Team has specialists to help you with Equity Investments, Fixed Income Investments and Asset Allocation. Whether you’re a new investor or have an extensive portfolio, Empire can help.

Group Benefits

Specializing in small to mid-sized companies, Empire Life offers an extensive selection of Group Benefits, such as dental, drug benefits, disability, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), extended health care, travel emergency assistance, and so much more. When it comes to partnering to provide employee benefits, Empire Life proudly offers simple, straightforward, innovative products you can trust.

Innovation, Personalization & Specialization

Empire works with companies in all industries. In an ongoing effort to serve you better, Empire Life commits time and money to research so they can understand the trends and pressures affecting your business. Empire Life is accessible, friendly, and customer focused. The Empire team gives you that personal touch-a connection with someone who knows you and your business.

Friendly, Helpful Customer Service

At Empire Life Insurance, you gain easy access to team members across Canada.

Call the Group Customer Service Unit toll free at 1-800-267-0215 Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm, or visit their website to reach a specific agent or team member across Canada. You can also send an email here.

Call the Investment & Individual Insurance Customer Service team toll free at 1-800-561-1268, Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm, or send an email about insurance or investments.

Catering to individuals, families and business owners, Empire Life offers a range of life insurance solutions to protect your family and your financial security, all the while helping you achieve your life goals.

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