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Great West Life Insurance

great west life logoGreat West Life (GWL) is a life insurance company that was founded in 1891, and has its headquarters located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  It is owned by Great-West Lifeco, which also owns Canada Life Financial, London Life Insurance, Putnam Investments, and Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Company.  Its current President and CEO is Allen Loney, and was originally founded by Jeffry Hall Brock.  Currently the company employs over 18, 500 individuals and is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Great West Life has been serving the financial security needs of Canadians for over 100 years, making them a leading Canadian insurer.  Their life insurance products include both term life insurancec and permanent life insurance.  Other products they offer include health insurance, investments, retirement savings, and reinsurance business both here in Canada and within Europe.

For individuals, the GWL offers portfolios of both financial and benefit plan solutions.  Their security advisors work directly with individual plans to ensure clients receive products that continually meet their needs and provide solutions.  Great West Life also offers group insurance for businesses and organizations of any size.  They manage portfolios of financial products such as retirement savings plans as well as benefit plans for employers and employees.

Great West Life takes great prides in their commitment in continuosly educate their employees.  Staff have access to a variety of resources made available to them, in order to further develop their skills.  They believe in working towards goals and enhancing the expertise of the people who work underneath this umbrella.  The core values of the company are:

  • Valuing the trust placed in them by clients
  • Valuing the relationships built with advisors
  • Valuing the trust placed in them by investors
  • Valuing their staff
  • Valuing the communities where employees live and work

Additionally, having a great feeling of social responsibility, Great West Life support initiatives in local communities’ arts, education, health and wellness, community development, and social services.  This direct community investment is the company’s way of managing their workplaces and social commitments.  An example of this is shown with GWL donating over $60 million dollars within the past five years to non-profit, charitable and community organizations across the Canada.  This equates to almost 1% of the company’s pre-tax profits.  Great West Life believes in building stronger communities from the ground up.