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ScotiaLife Financial

Scotia Life Financial is a Canadian insurance subsidiary of Scotiabank. The company offers insurance products ranging from life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, creditor insurance, as well as travel insurance. The insurance products are offered to the general public, predominantly individuals and families.

Life Insurance

In terms of life insurance, Scotia Life Financial does not offer permanent life insurance policies, but instead they offer term life insurance plans which allow customers to select the option which best suits their needs. The plans are able to provide protection and security to customers and their families during all kinds of expected and unexpected life experiences, such as being recently married, planning to have children, starting a new business, and accidental death plans which include tax-free benefits for beneficiaries.

The insurance plans are meant to assist in maintaining standards of living, with possible tax-free benefits, and Scotia Life Financial may help the family cover outstanding debts and loans. Scotia Life Financial guarantees affordable rates, flexible coverage, and easy payment options with customer service representatives who are willing to help customers find the right insurance coverage which they can count on.

Health Insurance Plans

The health insurance plans offered by Scotia Life Financial are mean to provide stability in times of financial hardships. The plans are designed to provide additional health care coverage including protection against unexpected medical expenses, and also to supplement lost income while in recovery.

The health insurance plans are further divided into various insurance plans which include Hospitalisation Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, and Dental Insurance. In addition, Scotia Life Financial offers creditor protection, which allows customers to feel protected in circumstances where there are outstanding debt payments if one is diagnosed with a covered critical illness, becomes disabled, or passes away. The company guarantees affordable premiums, a simple application process, and approval is often immediate.

Home and Auto Insurance

Scotia Life Financial is dedicated to helping people protect their home and auto property in all kinds of circumstances. In terms of home insurance, Scotia Home Insurance helps to protect against high-risk and unexpected circumstances such as fire, water, theft and other types of property damage, and this applies whether one rents or owns the property.

The company also provides reliable and affordable auto insurance which offers coverage not only to protect one`s vehicle damages from an accident, but also automatically protects one against damages which they may be held responsible for, including vehicle damage and if someone is injured or passes away in an accident.

Is Scotia Life Financial right for you?

Scotia Life Financial is devoted to protecting and securing their customers life style needs and experiences. They provide easy access to resources online about the various insurance products and services they offer which includes an on-line questionnaire for insurance quotes. Moreover, their website also provides the public with life and health information, including ways to stay active, principles of eating healthy, and tips for coping with the emotional and traumatic experience for the death of a loved one.

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