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Square One Insurance company profile

Just as no two homes are exactly the same, Square One Insurance believes no two home insurance policies should be exactly the same. Square One offers personalized policies that cover exactly what you need, including both home insurance and tenant’s insurance. In Canada, they serve residents in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.


Breaking the home insurance mould

Square One traces its beginnings to 2011, when a group of insurance professionals decided that traditional insurance just wasn’t working for policyholders. They created a new kind of insurance provider that allows for more customization of individual policies. Square One reduces their overhead by selling policies exclusively through their website or over the phone. This allows them to offer policies at much lower prices.

Square One’s home insurance policies are underwritten by The Mutual Fire Insurance Company of B.C., which has a financial strength rating of A- (excellent). Mutual Fire Insurance is also a member of the Property and Casualty Insurance Compensation Corporation, which is set in place to protect policyholders and claimants.

Square One's legal protection insurance is issued by DAS Legal Protection Inc., on behalf of Temple Insurance Company.


Home insurance that covers what you need it to

When it comes to home insurance, one size does not fit all. Square One makes it easy for customers to customize their policies to meet their personal coverage needs. Square One offers comprehensive (all-risk) coverage, which means policyholders are covered against all types of loss except those specifically listed as exclusions. Common exclusions are coastal floods, repeated leakage, and wear and tear.

Square One has you covered for personal and specialty property as well. In the spirit of customization, you decide what specialty property you want to ensure and for how much. Basic property is covered up to the amount that you choose, but you can elect to include coverage for specialty property like:


  • Bicycles, sporting equipment, and watercraft
  • Business property
  • Fine arts and collectibles
  • Jewellery and watches

Square One also includes coverage for additional living expenses, which covers costs that arise if your home can’t be lived in due to damage from an insured loss. You’ll also get personal and premises liability coverage up to a limit of your choosing.


Optional coverage

Condo Owners Protection

If you choose to include Condo Owner’s Protection, you’ll have coverage for improvements made to your condo that may not be covered by your condo corporation’s insurance policy. You’ll also have coverage if your condo corporation assesses a portion of their deductible against your unit for damage to the building.

On top of the extra coverage, you’ll get access to Square One’s Condo Concierge Service. The Concierge Service will look at your condo corporation’s insurance policy and recommend the right limits of coverage for you. The Concierge Service also includes access to the telephone legal advice hotline, which provides confidential general legal advice for any personal legal or tax problem.


Rental income insurance

If you rent out a property, rental income insurance covers you for rental income that you lose if your rental property becomes uninhabitable due to an insured loss. For example, if the home experiences a severe fire and it takes six months to repair, your rental income insurance would cover the rent you would have collected during those six months.


Identity theft and financial loss coverage

If your identity is stolen, this optional coverage will protect against expenses you incur to recover your identity and fix your personal credit rating.


Legal protection coverage

With legal protection coverage, you’ll get access to a legal advice telephone helpline, from which you can receive legal or tax advice relating to personal matters. You’ll also have coverage for legal costs resulting from damage to your property, tax audits, or work-related criminal prosecution. The enhanced plan also includes coverage for contract dispute legal costs.



Support when you need it

You never know when an accident or disaster may strike. Square One Claims is available day or night at 1.855.331.6933, or by email ([email protected]). Clients are guaranteed a response in two hours. All claims are handled by a single claims adjuster, and you can track the progress of your claim online.

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