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TD Life Insurance

TD Insurance is linked with TD Bank Group, known as one of Canada`s largest financial services organizations. TD Insurance is Canada`s leading insurance groups, employing over 3000 individuals to drive the company forward in providing reliable products and services to their valued customers. Since 2001, the company continues to provide an extended range of insurance products and services that reflect customer loyalty and satisfaction.

TD Insurance provides services in two major domains: general insurances, which includes home and auto insurance, as well as life and health insurance.

Through their general insurances, the company ensures customers have adequate and affordable protection for their home and property allowing customers to be well prepared for any unexpected circumstances. The company also provides affordable life and health insurance to protect the financial well-being of all their customers at any point in their lives by helping people pay outstanding balances on mortgages and other debt, providing an income for the family and for their children’s education, and also setting up funds for any unexpected events like the birth of a child, a change in employment, or the sudden death of a loved one. TD Insurance is committed to ensuring quality of life of Canadians across the country and the company provides complimentary insurance quotes with comprehensive advice on insurance options to help people make well-informed decisions which are tailored to fit their unique lifestyles.

The quality insurance products provided by TD Insurance are complimented with quality client service as the company thrives in building professional and long-term relationships with their customers based on mutual respect and trust. Moreover, the company values the experiences of their customers as they are committed to their customer accessibility policy, which ensures all customers will have access to qualified representatives in order to meet the diverse needs of customers in relation to ethnicity, gender, class, and sexual orientation. TD Insurance truly believes in embracing diversity, as they focus on supporting customers and employees with a range of experiences and abilities.  

TD Insurance is committed to community involvement as well, as they continue to make a positive impact and support a variety of organizations across the nation. In 2010, TD Insurance donated over $50 million to support educational organizations in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Moreover, TD Insurance takes pride in their efforts to build a sustainable environment. Their commitment to the environment includes reducing environmental footprints by using energy consumption and recycling programs more efficiently, and also raising employee-awareness about efforts for a sustainable environment.