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Studying in Canada From Abroad: Getting Student Medical Insurance

If you’re planning to study in Canada from abroad, you’re not alone. In 2013, the Canadian Bureau for International Education estimated that almost 300,000 international students came to Canada for schooling making Canada the world’s seventh most popular destination for international study.

Many international students are finding that they need supplementary health insurance coverage designed specifically with international students in mind.

Health Coverage For Foreign Students In Canada

Health coverage for foreign students varies across Canada. It will depend on the province and the school. Depending on the health insurance plan for international students, additional supplementary health insurance coverage may be needed. Sometimes it’s needed to provide coverage for a waiting period, and sometimes it’s to beef up coverage that only includes the basics. Whatever the reason, you can get quotes online (and buy your policy) from InsuranceHotline.com com for the extra travel health insurance you may need as an international student studying in Canada.

International Student Medical Insurance: What’s Included?

Each policy varies, so it’s important that you read over the policy booklet carefully. However, typically the coverage includes:

  • Emergency hospital accommodation and medical services
  • Emergency transportation (e.g. road or air ambulances)
  • Emergency dental work
  • Prescriptions needed as a result of a covered emergency
  • Diagnostic services including x-rays

Additionally, and specifically for student health insurance plans, coverage can also include:

  • Tutorial services if, because of a covered emergency or accident, you’re in the hospital or confined to your home to recoup for more than 30 school days.
  • An eye exam or check up with the doctor if you purchase an annual policy.

Policies for supplementary health insurance for international students may vary, so take your time to review each policy before you buy. At InsuranceHotline.com you can review each policy online before having to commit.

Study in Canada: Tips For Getting International Student Insurance

When buying student health insurance remember to:

  • Compare prices because each policy is priced differently.
  • Review the policy wording to see what’s included, and just as importantly, what’s not included.
  • Don’t buy on price alone, buy the policy that gives you the coverage you need and want.

Also, remember to look for “extras” like toll free numbers in case of an emergency that are available 24-7 and things like coverage for side trips you may do (like to the United States) while you’re studying in Canada.

Studying In Canada: You’re Not Alone

Students from around the world are choosing to study in Canada more and more. According to the CBIE, in the 10 years from 2003 to 2013, international student enrollment has increased 84 per cent. At almost 300,000, international students make up 8 per cent of Canada’s student population. International students are primarily attending schools in Ontario, British Columbia or Quebec and are coming from: China, India, Korea, Saudi Arabia and France. These five countries make up almost 60 per cent of Canada’s international student enrollment; however, students from Nigeria, Russia and Brazil are increasingly picking Canada as the place where they want to study.

Where ever you’re coming from, make sure you have the coverage you need. Compare international student travel insurance coverage today.