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We're all about helping you save money on insurance

Have you ever bought something only to later find out that you could have gotten a better deal somewhere else? We hate that feeling. That's why, back in 1994, we set out to help our fellow Canadians avoid that sinking feeling when it came to buying insurance by creating a service that helps you compare rates.

Since then, millions of Canadians have used InsuranceHotline.com to find the best rates and saved millions of dollars along the way. In 2017, drivers saved a combined $4.5 million on car insurance alone! 

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Meet the InsuranceHotline.com team

We're real people, trying to help you save real money. 

We work out of an open-concept office in downtown Toronto. All the photos you see on this page were snapped in our office and feature some of our team members, including Manager of Sales and New Business Development Anne Marie Thomas (of #AskAnneMarie. You've probably seen her representing InsuranceHotline.com in the media!), Director of Marketing Leonie Tait, Director and Head of Product Riza Chiu, and Vice President of Marketplaces and Strategy Janine White. 

You'll also find a few representatives from our call centre in these pictures. Our call centre is located in-house so we can provide you with the best possible service. 

We all need insurance, but no one should have to overpay for it

Insurance is funny (no, really it is). Whether it's car insurance, home insurance, life or travel insurance, the rate you pay with one company is not the rate you're likely to pay with another.

There is so much that goes into calculating an insurance rate that it's safe to say no two insurance companies are alike. This is why you need to comparison shop your insurance needs; otherwise you run the risk of spending too much on your coverage. How much could you end up overpaying? Well, with car insurance, for example, it could be hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

We're proud that our service is helping Canadians keep more money in their pockets without sacrificing their insurance coverage. Giving you access to the best coverage at the best rate is our goal.

We want to help you get the coverage you need, at the best possible price

More than 20 years and 4 million (and counting!) quotes later, millions of people use InsuranceHotline.com every year to find the best insurance rate. It takes five minutes or less to compare quotes from our partner network of over 30 insurance providers to find out how much you could save. We know how important saving money on insurance is. After all, we're drivers, homeowners and travellers too. We get it!

This is why our service is free. Our money comes from our partners, not from your pockets. It's part of our commitment to helping you find the best rates on your insurance, whether it's auto, home, travel, motorcycle or small business insurance.

We are also pretty social! 

Let's chat about your next trip, the car you're planning on buying, and of course about any insurance questions you might have. You can reach us at: 

Have questions about InsuranceHotline.com or your quote? Let us help you.

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InsuranceHotline.com is proud to be part of RATESDOTCA Group Ltd., the largest online insurance and financial comparison company in Canada. Also within the RATESDOTCA Group Ltd. family are:

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