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Have you ever bought something only later to find out that you could have gotten the same item cheaper elsewhere? We really hate that feeling. That’s why back in 1994, we set out to help Canadians like yourself avoid that sinking feeling when it came to buying insurance.

We all need insurance, but no one should overpay for it

Insurance is funny (no, really it is). Whether it’s car insurance, home insurance, life or travel insurance, the rate you pay with one company is not the rate you’ll likely pay with another. There is so much that goes into calculating an insurance rate, it’s safe to say that no two insurers are alike. And, it is for this reason that you need to comparison shop your insurance needs; otherwise you run the risk of spending too much on your coverage. How much could you end up overpaying? Well, with car insurance for example, it could be hundreds, even a thousand or so dollars.

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“This is a very helpful service. I regret that I did not know about this site before. Since now I will look for insurance here. Thanks!”
Vladimir Dounin

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“Auto and home insurance is inevitable. Insurance hotline is a wonderful partner and support in a scary search for coverage. Bravo to a smooth, clear experience.”
Linda Taylor

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More than 20 years and 3 million (plus!) quotes later, millions of people come to InsuranceHotline.com every year to find the best insurance rate. It takes a just a few short minutes to compare quotes from our network of over 30 insurance providers to see if you could save money, which is what we want for you because we’re drivers, homeowners and travellers too. We get it.

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We’re real people, trying to help you save real money. We are also pretty social! Let’s chat about your next trip, the car you’re planning on buying, and of course about any insurance questions you might have. You can reach us at:

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Behind the scenes at InsuranceHotline.com

InsuranceHotline.com is a member of the Kanetix Ltd. family of personal finance comparison services in Canada. Alongside InsuranceHotline.com, the Kanetix Ltd. family includes KANETIX.ca, RateSupermarket.ca, Rates.ca and ComparaSave.com. Collectively, the five brands help Canadians virtually in all aspects of personal finance; whether it’s providing educational content, industry news, financial tools like calculators, renewal reminders, and rate alerts, and of course helping Canadians compare and find the best insurance rates, mortgage rates, credit cards and banking products. Together, the Kanetix Ltd. family empowers Canadians by showcasing the options and choices available to them, ensuring they can make confident decisions and purchases regarding their personal finance needs.

Our offices are located at 360 Adelaide St. W., Toronto, Ontario M5V 1R7. But, if you have questions we can be easily reached by email or phone. Click here for details.